Top Five Prison Fight Scenes


Written by Hannah Grantz
04 Monday 04th October 2010
On the first day of a new job you really don’t want anything to go wrong, certainly not getting caught in a prison riot and having to pretend to be an inmate in order to save your own life. Inmates come to life as hell-raising monsters in the intense, tragic thriller Cell 211 by Spanish filmmaker, Daniel Monzón, when a planned takeover sucks new-boy Juan Oliver into the turmoil.
Due to start his new job as a guard at Zamora prison the next day, Juan decides to come in early for a tour and to make a good impression with his bosses. When a distraction set off by one of the prisoners leaves him unconscious, he’s accidentally left in cell 211 as the other guards flee and the inmates begin their conquest to overthrow prison authority. Destroying everything in sight, the prisoners’ riot leads to the discovery of Juan in the cell, leaving the murderers and thieves to believe he too is an inmate. Forced to play along or be slayed, Juan changes mentally and physically to fit in with the other bad-asses. 
After joining the other side, he’s caught up in blood, riots and trauma that even the other inmates struggle to understand. Having to chop off a hostage’s ear to prove he’s not a pansy, Juan is soon more believable as an inmate than even the head criminal Malamadre himself. With Cell 211 offering arguably best prison riot scene to go down in history thus far, Don’t Panic has arranged the top five best prison fight scenes we thought were worthy enough to share with you.
Based on a true story, 2008’s Felon loosely recreates events from the California State Prison, Cocoran, in the 1990s. In a series of fight scenes, Wade learns the prison ropes quickly after he’s convicted for murdering an intruder.
Watch Nite Owl and Silk Spectre II bust into a prison and play around with the rioters in Watchmen. The stiletto to the chest might be my favourite part.
After Hancock gets put into jail and realizes he’s the reason for most of the other inmates being locked up, he proves he’s not going to take any slack from their attempts at revenge in this clip from 2008’s Hancock.
Mickey and Mallory are due to be transported to a mental hospital after they’re deemed insane while in prison for their Bonnie and Clyde style murders, but while doing a live interview, Mickey inspires the other natural born killers to riot.  Meanwhile, he and Mallory make a rough escape through the chaotic prison in Natural Born Killers.
And finally, Cell 211, which will have you literally watching your back for incoming nail guns as you leave the theatre:

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