Top Five Worst Films of All Time


Written by Jo vdD
17 Monday 17th May 2010


With the impending release of Birdemic, the Hitchcock homaging 'worst film ever made', we took a look at five other films that are so bad they're good.

Snakes on a Plane

Aside from the unintended awful title that can't even claim to have the cheese value that B-movie titles have, AND that gives away the whole plot of the film, this is essentially a film about snakes on a plane. Unless you are particularly interested in snakes, or planes, or how many snakes you can fit on a plane then this film isn't really all that interesting. Having said that, it is still a good opportunity to confirm that Samuel L. Jackson still can't act, which is always fun.

Troll II

A sequel to Troll you might think? No, it has nothing to do with it. A film about trolls you might think? No, there is not a single troll in Troll II, just vegetarian goblins who trick their prey into eating food that turns them into vitamin and fibre filled plants before devouring them. Featuring a stupendous script, the action takes place in a town called Nilbog (goblin backwards) where the young Josh saves his family from the goblins with the help of his dead grandfather and a magical sandwich. Unsurprisingly enough, this farce of a film has become a cult classic.

The Room

So bad it has gained a cult following with regular screenings across the States, the Room was turned down many times by Hollywood fat cats. Tommy Wiseau, who wrote the play, turned the script into a screenplay and went on to direct, produce and executive produce the film, coincidentally he starred in it too, as a man who's best friend steals his fiancee with 'tragic' consequences. Funnily enough Wiseau's talents were stretched a bit too thin and the result is an embarrassingly awful groanfest of a film, that Wisea now claims was SUPPOSED to be a comedy. Silly me to have assumed otherwise.

Death Wish III

'He's back in New York and bringing justice to the streets' said the tagline, but this film was oddly enough filmed in London, and features voiceovers from personnel at a nearby American airbase for 'authenticity'. Directed by Michael 'Calm down, dear' Winner the film features Charles Bronson's third reprisal as Paul Kersey, this time teaming up with the police in attempt to bring down New York street gangs. This shoot-em-up is just a little bit over the top and slightly unbelievable given that Charles Bronson was 64 by this point. Great if you love violence, rubbish if you love credibility.


A film adapted from a computer game where 'The Dude', after discovering his obese wife has been cheating on him, gets involved with a cult who try to hijack a lorry full of giant stuffed toy scrotums (scrotae?) but get beaten to it by Osama bin Laden (now bezzers with George W. Bush and accompanied by the rest of Al-Qaeda) in a Nazi themed theme park, and where Verne Troyer has to be raped by a thousand monkeys in order to fulfill a prophecy of the aforementioned cult, Postal contains a veritable plethora of political incorrectness. How to resolve the plot neatly? Have the protagonist shoot them all of course!


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