Worst Places To Get Stuck


Written by Hannah Grantz
01 Monday 01st November 2010
I guess James Franco as Aron Ralston had it pretty bad in his new film, 127 Hours, when he was stuck, literally, between a rock and a hard place for, you guessed it, 127 hours. The adrenaline junkie goes hiking and biking through the canyons of Utah when he finds himself in a considerably rough situation after a boulder falls on top of his arm, leaving him pinned down in the cracks of the canyon. 
Based on a true story, Ralston is left with just a bit of nourishment and his hiking gear: a flashlight, knife, watch, ropes and his video camera. Leading to desperate measures to keep himself alive and sane, he films it all along the way to help pass time. At certain points Ralston begins to lose consciousness and flashes back to happier times in his life, like when he wasn’t fighting for his life in the middle of nowhere without any signs of life existence. Well, except for a black raven flying over his head at each break of day.
Obviously having a piece of your body pinned for over five days would suck pretty badly, but we’ve thought of a couple other places that might be even worse:
Under a fat person 
OK, you might think this isn’t that bad, but honestly think about it. 
If you’re sitting on the crowded tube and a larger-than-life person turns around to sit but doesn’t see you behind their giant ass, it’s going to hurt. And what if it’s hot? …As it usually is on the Underground, then you’re going to be extra sweaty AND crushed.
On a lift
It’s an obvious choice, but it’s quite a nightmare. 
The walls are closing in, air is thinning out, maybe you have to pee, maybe a baby is in the box with you and is screaming her precious little heart out.   Nothing sounds pleasant about that situation.
Mogadishu, Somalla
Voted the most dangerous city in the entire world in for the year 2010.
Since 1991 over a million people in Somalla’s capital have died because of civil war and famine related causes. In addition to piracy, kidnapping, gang fights, terrorism, and civilian bombings are almost considered frequent. I know I for one would not like to get stuck here.
At the bottom of the ocean
Without an air tank, you might find yourself in some trouble here.
Whether you’ve been forced to walk the plank, or maybe have a SCUBA malfunction, odds aren’t looking good if you’re fixed on the ocean floor. Without the ability to grow gills, I would probably just admit failure at this point.
On a mafia members hit-list
Definitely wouldn’t like to get on their bad side.
They look intimidating, and they’re known for their good aim. Pissing off the wrong person could mean your life, and for this type it generally does. Don’t cross the path of anyone who you think may have these connections.
There are so many more unfortunate places to get your self trapped, but watch James Franco try to get out of his hellhole in 127 Hours, released in the UK on 7 January.

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