X-Men: First Class


Written by Joseph Wade
01 Wednesday 01st June 2011

Me and the other freakopaths waited to the end of First Class for the (I'd assumed) obligatory Easter Egg of info about a new forthcoming Marvel Picture (a la The Avengers teaser, post-Iron Man) but to no avail, so don't bother waiting especially as there are about an infinity x 100 people working on these things. None of whom took the trouble to hold down Kevin Bacon's whole Doctor Evil bad guy shtick, complete with submersible, shag-piled love palace. And wait a minute where was the Stan Lee cameo?

Was this a Marvel film? It was, but a disappointing one for anyone who loved X-Men and X2. With the franchise removed from Brett Ratner's (villainously awful butcher of X3) fumbling grasp and partially returned to Bryan Singer (original director) who's now producing while Matthew Vaughn directs (bringing Kick-Ass writer Jane Goldman with him.)

Not sure why Bryan didn't resume megaphone duties - perhaps he's nervous around comic book material after the Superman debacle but either way Vaughn's proved incapable of scaling the heights of the franchises earlier incarnation. Don't get me wrong this is no Fantastic Four and it's better than Thor, but probably slides in behind Ironman 2 in the hierarchy of Marvel Movies. It's not just the daft bad guys, there's simply too many characters being introduced and too much action. That said the sixties setting and the Cuba Missile crisis bits are good and James MacAvoy makes a decent Prof X.

While the sets may have been refurbed Goldmember the plot was recycled Bond with a cartoonish (rather than comic like) Kevin Bacon as the Baddie fermenting nuclear apocalypse so he could rule the rubble heap once the mushroom clouds had cleared. His crew looked liked the cast of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy but without the cutting put downs.

The aforementioned sixties setting was when Marvel developed the X Men comics as a heroic allegory for the burgeoning civil rights movement (probably ignoring the fast growing feminist movement altogether judging by the costumes the super babes wear). This progressive genesis and consistent message of tolerance for people different from ourselves lays behind the continued appeal of Wolverine and the rest (cameo spoiler alert) however I find this message falls flat when delivered by the most glossy of Hollywood casts, who are mostly on screen because of their appearance and not any special ability. Lower your expectations for a three star movie experience, which thankfully is not in 3-D.

X-Men: First Class is in cinemas now

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  • Guest: jamieparkin88
    Tue 07 - Jun - 2011, 13:58
    worst film review I ever read in my life. going to hang myself actually, it's that bad