Zebra Crossing


Written by Gedvile Bunikyte
25 Tuesday 25th January 2011

Hi Sam, your film is called Zebra Crossing. What is it about?

It is about a young man’s struggle to find his place in the world, a subject that I know most of us go through as we reach the cusp of Adulthood. Set amongst the crammed council estates of inner city London, it is coming of age story centered on youth and gang culture. The story is both visceral and unflinching, and is a cautionary tale of what is happening to the younger generations of our society.

Why people should see it?

People who are looking for an engaging, fast-paced urban thriller, which explores very current issues in Britain should see it.

Director Sam Holland

How did you come about making it?

I initially wrote the script. Then, through a mixture of passion, hard work and determination (not just myself, but from the entire crew) we shot for 7 weeks on locations around London.

One of the main themes you deal with in the film is isolation. Did that come from personal experience? Is that where our society is heading?

One of the film’s main themes is isolation. From what I have witnessed here is an overwhelming feeling of loneliness living in a populated city, even though you are surrounded by so many people.

This is your debut feature. How did you get into filmmaking? What was your experience of making it?

As a young man growing up in London I felt that it was becoming increasingly difficult to be heard. So, I initially got into filmmaking as an outlet to express myself in a positive and creative way - this is where my debut feature film ‘Zebra Crossing’ came about. The overall process of making the film has been a fantastic experience, pushing myself and everyone involved to create work that far surpassed our expectations.

Any practical advice for the new generation?

With regards to the younger generation, I feel they need to continue working hard to reach their dreams, and not let any negativity get in the way of the positive effects they can have on our country in the future.

Your heroes and biggest influences?

My biggest hero growing up was definitely Bruce Lee. He stood for pride, passion and perfection. He conducted himself in a way the world nowadays could take a leaf from.

Recently, we saw a lot of changes that affected the industry, some positive some negative. Things such as all the new technologies coming out, file sharing on the Internet, film funding cuts and so forth influenced how people make and watch film. What's happening in the industry at the moment? What's the future of the British film industry?

The revolution of Digital in film is certainly paving the way for fresh and new talent. This will be great for the industry as there is no substitute for actually making a movie – no classroom can prepare you for that! Also, digital distribution is a far cheaper way of getting films shown than the previous film prints method, so smaller films can incur less costs and have more of a chance to actually profit. With this in mind, I believe the British film industry will have a really bright future – we have the talent for sure!

Favourite places and things to do in London?

My favourite activity to do in London has to be going to the cinema – we all need to leave the craziness of the real world behind – and what better way is there than that... Okay, maybe sipping an ice cold beer in the height of summer!

What's next for you?

My next project is called ‘7 days of insanity’ (Working title) - exploring my favourite topic - the human condition!

Zebra Crossing is on limited release from 28 Jan 2011

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