FOOD REVIEW - Duke On The Green


Written by Ganesh Senthi
03 Friday 03rd July 2015

The Duke on Green is a local favourite that has been newly refurbished along New Kings Road in Parsons Green. There is a quite a mix of furnishings which created a feeling of different settings. The dining space is bright and airy decorated with shades of blue which instantly makes you feel relaxed. There was an open kitchen with food constantly flying out and the service was friendly and great providing excellent recommendations if you wish to not make any difficult food decisions or one of those who simply cannot decide what to eat!

The food at the Duke on the Green was excellent with stand-out items being the scallops and the duck, both dishes were moments when conversation stopped between me and my girlfriend and we simply enjoyed what we were devouring. The only thing I would say was over the meal, I experienced an abundance of kale but it is a trendy and fashionable leaf and this is probably more to do with me than anything else. 

The pub side of the Duke on the Green had a great atmosphere with electric candle chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, large leather sofas and a wall decorated with original William Morris tiles that will enthuse any print lover. The drinks were reasonably priced for what is Fulham and it seemed like a perfect alternative for the rammed pub across the road that seemed to be full of stereotypical city types.

For all you Sunday Roast connoisseurs out there, the Duke on the Green is pretty famous for theirs. It is voted top 10 in Chelsea and Fulham which is no mean feat in an area famous for its abundance of restaurants and chefs. It looks delicious with trimmings and something I will be back to try one hangover weekend.   

The Duke on the Green has doubled my visits to West London for the year and it was fun with good food and wine. The atmosphere was relaxed and if you are in the area, I would recommend you drop in. 

If you wish to find out more please visit their website or tweet them @DukeGreenSW6

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