FOOD REVIEW - Little Nan's Bar


Written by Ganesh Senthi
22 Monday 22nd June 2015

Anyways, a few hundred metres from Shoreditch High Street lies a shop front where the ground floor is being fully refurbished, nothing out of the ordinary, but below in the basement resides an eccentric pop-up that reminded me of a mash-up of scenes from Alice in Wonderland. 

Little Nan's is a very cosy and kitsch bar offering bottomless cocktails with unlimited pic'n'mix and popcorn (and Bombay mix!). Dimly lit with fake vines hanging from the low ceiling and fake grass cushioning your step. Little Nan's was decorated with curiosity after curiosity. Memorabilia of the Queen Mum, Pat Butcher and Paddy Ashdown were filling up every space of the shelves and walls. Cocktails were served in teacups and poured out of teapots of all shapes and sizes. This bar was an instagrammers dream and felt like my Nan’s living room at the peak of a lifelong hoarding addiction.

The menu was written on the first few pages of a gardening book, the cocktails were wide-ranging, delicious and refreshing and each one matched the unusual surroundings. No matter what type of cocktail you fancied, Little Nan had one for you. Little Nan even made us our own cocktail based on my girlfriends favourite spirit which was written on a giant playing card. (It was a mix of gin, elderflower, tonic, prosecco and mint and was perfect for the hot weather outside). 

Little Nan's may not be new to some of you, having built up quite the following from its Deptford times, having won the Best New Bar 2014 in Time Out for the South East London. Its decor is a collection of presents people used to bring to their secret house parties which made the whole experience of Little Nan's cocktail even more special knowing that each picture, teacup and teapot was donated by a fellow cocktail lovers.

Stepping back out into the grey and smoggy world of London, definitely left us longing to be sipping cocktails and forgetting all that is above but at least Little Nan’s sent us on our way pretty tipsy and with a bar worth recommending to all this summer.

Tickets for Little Nan's experience started at £35 pp for a 2 hour slot and for more information please view their website or tweet them @Littlenansbar 

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