Is Corey Shapiro The Archetypal Modern Man?


Written by Greg Webb
02 Friday 02nd December 2016

What does it mean to be a man?

Had you pitched this question 20 years ago, I'd likely have responded with vivid descriptions of the red-blooded alpha male: simple, carnivorous creatures interested only in sports, fighting, beer and women. 

Nowadays, our expectations have thankfully changed. Men are freer than ever before to express their feelings, show off their sensitive sides, and take care of their health and appearances in ways that were traditionally deemed distinctly 'unmanly'. We can listen to Beyonce, play badminton, and wax our chest hair - and that's fine, okay dad? Traditional ideas around masculinity are changing - and all the better for it. 

If the shifting paradigms of masculinity could be perfectly exemplified by a single man, that man would surely be Montreal entrepreneur Corey Shapiro - the subject of a recent Munchies documentary produced by Vice in association with LYNX. 

On first appearances, Shapiro looks like the archetypal American bro: thugged-out to the nines in metal chains and expensive shades, and cruising around his hometown in a bright gold 4x4 Beamer.

20 years ago, this man would certainly have been found pouring Moët champagne over the barely-thonged booties of scantily clad women in a mid-90s music video. 

But this is 2016, and misogynist gangster-rap cohort Shapiro is not.

Rather, he is the leading light of Montreal's burgeoning cold-pressed juice trade, and an unlikely spokesperson for the values of good nutrition, organic farming and healthy living. 

Over the course of the documentary, Shapiro takes us on a tour of North America's fresh juice scene - stopping off in New York, Los Angeles, and his own hometown of Montreal. Along the way we're introduced to a series of men who, like Corey, have dedicated their lives to the honourable pursuit of creating cracking health-food juices out of quality, local, organic ingredients.

It's a fascinating insight into a rapidly growing industry, and an inspiring reminder that the best option is always to be yourself and do what you love. Check it out below:


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