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Shoryu - The Best Ramen In London


Written by Don't Panic
30 Wednesday 30th September 2015

Excuse us for the sweeping statement but there are very few dishes in the world that beat the warmth, flavour and wholesome fulfilment of a good ramen. We only wish we were slightly better at cooking them. Try as we might, with bags full of produce from the Japan Centre, we still struggle to nail the fusion of 'party in your mouth' flavours that are achieved at our favourite restaurants. Perhaps it's because we don't have the patience to wait 12 hours for the perfect stock to boil. Perhaps it's because we lack the finesse; the skill to design a perfectly constructed dish in a beautiful bowl complete with chopsticks and a runny poached egg; and perhaps it's because we have found Shoryu - masters of the best ramen in London. How can we ever compete with that?

So, in honour of our favourite dish, Don't Panic have teamed up with the Soho, Carnaby, Regent Street and Liverpool Street based restaurants to offer you students out there a tasty deal. Use this voucher with any valid student ID to claim your ramen and beer for just £10. Call us lazy but for that price we'd rather leave it to the ramen bosses! 

Owned by Japan Centre’s CEO Tak Tokumine with the help from Executive Chef, Kanji Furukawa (otherwise known as the ‘Ramen Boss’) and sommelier, Mimi Tokumine (Tokumine’s niece), Shoryu guarantees unrivalled authenticity.

So, if you fancy a big bowl of noodle soup, handmade steamed buns or sizzling pork filled gyozas (we're drooling at our desks rn) then head over to your nearest Shoryu. And remember, if you're a student with a valid student card, you can make use of our exclusive offer at

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