We Spoke To 'That Hungry Chef' Pratap For Trip4Real


Written by Don't Panic
06 Wednesday 06th May 2015

One such local is London based kitchen genius Pratap also known as 'that hungry chef'. Pratap hosts his own intimate supper clubs and is no stranger to raiding the fridge and creating masterpieces.

Here he is giving us a low down on the tasty treats London has to offer, including his own foody activities available to you through trip4real!

Trip4real has come to London! And we love all that it has to offer. Please tell our readers a little more about your trip4real?

I have a few, actually. They all revolve around food but two that I really enjoy are my 8 course tasting menu of Indian food and the supperclub at my house which serves 4 courses of pure joy!

You find yourself with a day off. Where are we going?

Borough Market.

Comfort food in London?

Trangallan in Newington. We’re regulars and they serve the best Galician tapas in the most comfortable surroundings. It’s comfort food 2.0 and the Spanish omelette is the best ever.

So, why the kitchen?

My parents suggested it to me after I declined every possible career after university. They noticed the chef within me before I did.

What’s Pratap’s perfect afternoon?

Walking along Hampstead Heath with my wife, our closest friends, a picnic basket, portable speakers and, of course, a frisbee.

Psst, give us a secret hideaway in London!

My garden it’s the best hideout.

Fast food in London and where to find it?

Urban Food Fest and Street Feast London markets. And Maltby Street and Kerb Markets. Go!

How to win someone’s heart?

Chez Bruce in Wandsworth.

What does 'that hungry chef' like to eat?

Everything from all over the world with the least amount of messing about done to it. PanAsian, Mediterranean and Spanish are a few faves.

For more of Pratap’s trip4real activities check out his profile here and you can book a tasty experience with this Michelintrained chef! This activity would be perfect for any young food enthusiast or budding chef. Or a great idea for a birthday party or an out of the ordinary date!

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