12X12 Treats


10 Wednesday 10th March 2010

On Thursday night (11th March) the Red Bull Music Academy drops 12x12 at Scala, one of the biggest events in the London calendar. It's going to be big - if you don't know, 12x12 is a night for myriad duodecuples (that's groups of twelve to you and me). The basis is simple: 12 seminal anthems played by 12 heavyweight producers. 12 tracks that defined their eras, that defined and even spawned their genres. In one delicate précis, Red Bull Music Academy will encapsulate London club culture over the last 30 years, giving each of 12 producers 12 minutes in which to spin their decisive... yep that's it, 12 inches.

The twelve producers are: Arthur Baker, producer of Planet Rock, Afrika Bambaataa's hip hop blueprint; Mosside, Manchester acid house and drum 'n' bass pioneer A Guy Called Gerald; Soul II Soul's Jazzie B; Martyn Ware, founding member of both Human League and Heaven 17; UK garage legend MJ Cole; New Order bassist, Hacienda co-owner and book author Peter Hook; Robert Owens the voice of seminal Chicago house group Fingers Inc.; Reprazent founder Roni Size; jungle's first and arguably most reliable hitmaker Shy FX; early rave outfit Shades of Rhythm; chart-topping house act X-Press 2 and the Academy's own in-house hero Zinc who's currently re-inventing himself as an artist for the third time as forefather of the crack house movement.

For a head-start on exactly what these guys mean to electronic music and a heads-up on what their seminal selection might sound like, we thought we'd direct you to RBMA's very own vaults of musical history. Below is a show at RBMA Radio from most of the 12 luminaries.

Arthur Baker
Live at The Social, Ontario

A Guy Called Gerald
Live at Maria, Berlin Music Days

Jazzie B
Fireside Chat

Martyn Ware
Toronto Treasures

MJ Cole
Headphone Highlights

Peter Hook
Fireside Chat

Robert Owens
Headphone Highlights

Train Wreck Mix - Volume 2

For more on 12x12 click here.


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