8 Things You Didn't Know About Jay-Z


Written by Aisha Nozari
10 Wednesday 10th July 2013


1)  Jay-Z still has 99 problems. That’s right, apparently even if you’re a multi-millionaire, life can still suck. After being asked if his 99 problems have been ‘sorted’ the musician replied ‘new rules, new problems.’ Darn. Maybe now a bitch is one.


2)  Perhaps most shocking of all the rapper revealed his favorite cereal is Cap’n Crunch. Strange, I always thought he was a Fruit Loops kind’a guy.


3)  It seems food was a recurring topic during this Q&A – but don’t worry the rapper kept his cool as the questions hotted up. Pretty impressive considering he had to answer things like ‘what’s your favorite pasta you’ve had in 2013?’ Jesus dude, it’s only half way through the year! How is anyone meant to answer that? There’s still a whole six months of pasta potential ahead! Anyway, Jay answered ‘linguini and clam.’ Pretty solid choice. Kudos.


4)  If you guys have heard the album you’ll know that both the intro and outro on track BBC features someone speaking a foreign language. One fan asked if it was Korean; leading Jay to quip ‘this is why you don’t get tattoos. They told me it was Japanese.’ The guy’s funny. More importantly he’s SENSIBLE. You’re not going to find him in a Hanworth tattoo parlor asking for a dolphin on his belly. If I had half his sense I probably wouldn’t have a tattoo of nachos on my back.


5)  He loves twerking. And Miley Cyrus. (WTF?)


6)  He has pretty great music taste. Arguably the most interesting question of the whole thing, Robert Horton asked ‘Outside of rap what are you listening to?’ Nice one, Rob! Jay replied he’s currently listening to James Blake and Gonjasufi. Sweet choices, even if you did forget how to spell Gonjasufi. I mean it’s not like you just collaborated with him on an album or anything…


7)  Turns out there were some difficulties during the making of Magna Carta. No, not like recording or production problems… I’m talking more hangover problems. Jay Z likes to get a little boozy. Who knows, maybe Magna Carta’s inspired by K Cider.


8)  Finally, the guy doesn’t fuck about. When asked if MCHG was his best work he basically responded by saying, no, not really. He doesn’t think it tops Reasonable Doubt or The Blueprint. Erm, OK Jay, thanks for your honesty I guess…


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