Written by Tshepo Mokoena
Photos and illustrations by DK Goldstein
07 Wednesday 07th December 2011

What started this band off as a separate project from your previous punk band, Vulgarians?

Colette: I think the other band was a first experience, quite DIY and not taking it seriously at all. It was just fun, but then just ended. We didn’t do anything for ages then one day Hannah had been writing some music and sent it over to me – that then became ‘Creeping‘. It sort of signalled the change when Hannah started writing a completely different style of music ; it all happened very naturally.

2:54 - Creeping by morrisday

What kind of roles did you two have in Vulgarians?

In unison: The same.

C: Yeah, singing and guitar.

What pushes you to want to write and creates that spark that inspires you?

Hannah: It’s quite hard to explain where it comes from – it’s sort of something instinctual. It just comes out.

C: When I hear the music that Hannah’s put together, all the lyrics are really inspired by it. It becomes whole that way.

Colette, at the Great Escape 2011

So you tend to do chords and structure first, or does the process differ with each song?

C: Generally every song starts with the music first: the drums and the bass that Hannah puts together –

H: Yeah, I’ll make the track –

C: Then that’s we come into the same room, put the melodies and the guitar on top, and it all comes together. It’s quite a separate process but seems to be working (they laugh).

So what do you think is the best part of being sisters and working together? How does it factor into the way you make your music?

C: Hugely. I mean, it’s everything about it. You just know instinctually what the others going to like and what works.

H: We don’t have to use that many words when it’s happening either! (they laugh).

So you two never really have any disagreements or fall out over the music?

H: ...No. (we all laugh) That just doesn’t happen.

I saw you guys at the Great Escape in May, and thought you were great. What’s been your favourite gig to play this year? Why?

C: Well we just had out first big headline show –

H: At Corsica Studios –

C: And as far as landmarks go, that was just huge and definitely a big night for us. But I think also with tours overall, we’re constantly learning and with the Maccabees tour we had ourselves a real education. They just have the most incredible audiences and it was really inspiring to see how much devotion they had.

Hannah, at the Great Escape 2011

Did you notice big distinctions between crowds from one city to the next?

H: On the Maccabees tour? They were all just similarly really dedicated. You could tell they’d all grown together with the band.

C: Yes. Mind you, that’s how we were, or rather how we are at live gigs. It should be something special.

The way that you two perform is quite intense without being alienating. When you perform do you think of the process, or go into one of those onstage trances?

C: I think it’s the latter for me: quite immersive.

H: Yeah, then it’s hard to remember exactly what happened once you come off stage.

C: It’s a case of trying to manage adrenaline as well. The whole day and night before the Corsica show I’d been moving back and forth to being physically sick and feeling all these ups and downs. Part of it is just handling that rush of adrenaline and getting into the zone.

Cold Front 7" by 2:54 Band

What are the plans for 2:54 going into 2012?

C: We’re going to New York at the end of November, which is wildly exciting: I don’t even want to think about it! We’re playing a couple of dates there, and then we’re going to Dublin and Belfast with Wild Beasts for a couple of shows. There might be a couple of other dates thrown in before Christmas, and we’ll just be doing little bits of recording.

Are you thinking of getting a full-length out?

C: For next year, definitely. That’s in the works.


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