A Moombathon Mixtape


Written by Josh Morris
02 Tuesday 02nd April 2013

I would be lying if I said I was a Moombathon man, or that I pay it much attention. However, a recent mix produced by New York based duo MiniMaxX & DJEJ had me shuffling in my seat whilst unknowingly doing my best impression of a nodding dog.

Through listening to this 20 minute mix, it's clear that Moombahton is an acquired taste, not necessarily mine, but I can just picture the effects it might have on me if I were come across it on a night out. Give it a go, see what happens.........I dare ya!

FYI: Moombahton is a fusion of house music (Dutch or electro) and reggaeton. Are you a fan?

1. Nightmare! x Jesse Slayter - Tip Drill Feat. Treyy G
2. 2 In A Room – El Trago (MiniMaxX & DJEJ ‘TOMA’ Bootleg)
3. Mr. Vega & O.M.F – Push Pit
4. Hoodie – El Mecanico
5. Cutty Ranks – Limb By Limb (MiniMaxX & DJEJ Bootleg)
6. Paul Lee – Pun El Gato
7. Paul Lee – Pan De Lay
8. Baby Rasta Y Gringo – Te Quiero Desnuda (MiniMaxX & DJEJ Bootleg)
9. Sazon Booya – Ode To Hector
10. MAW – La India Con La Voe (MiniMaxX & DJEJ Bootleg)
11. Munchi - Te Gusta Mi Mambo Mami
12. MiniMaxX & DJEJ X Paul Lee – La Fiesta
13. Sabo – Canjika (Paul Lee ‘Hay Tan Sucia’ Bootleg)
14. Bubba Sparxxx – Ms. New Booty (MiniMaxX & DJEJ ‘ Shake-N-Bass’ Bootleg)
15. Sazon Booya & Aglory – La Jungla
16. Rotten Ralphie – Hold The Light
17. MiniMaxX & DJEJ – Macho (Ft. Education)
18. Sazon Booya X MiniMaxX & DJEJ – Ahora Es
19. Bro Safari X Sazon Booya – Danger
20. Rotten Ralphie X MiniMaxX & DJEJ – Hollywood
21. MiniMaxX & DJEJ X D.Ray & Spiff – Colossal
22. MiniMaxX & DJEJ – Fin Del Mundo (No Vox Edit)
23. Childish Gambino – Do Ya Like (MiniMaxX & DJEJ Bootleg)

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