Set It Out: A Party In A Mansion Featuring Limbic Cinema


Written by Dania Arafeh
04 Friday 04th April 2014

Brought to you by the events company behind ‘Springstan’ is a thrillingly new innovative project called ‘Set it Out’ which promises to deliver awesome “parties in incredible places”. They aim to inspire a new wave of raves by transforming unused venues in spectacular locations to create a a colossal collision between two juxtaposing worlds: music and spacially augmented architecture. 

Their first event will be taking place in the Kings Weston House, Bristol. Dating back to the 17th century, this historical palace will be transformed with dynamic video mapping projections by ‘Limbic Cinema’; the lighting wizards behind ‘Just Jack’ and ‘Brisfest’. Through electrifying the venue with a kaleidoscope of 3-D projections, your perception of spacial reality will be augmented as you are transported into a different dimension. Dancing until the early hours through a culmination of light; showing the King just how it’s done.

Three rooms of this country manor house will be catapulted into a world where music is all that matters. Bringing you the best of Bristol-ranging from House, Dubstep, Reggae, and Electro-we’ll leave you in the capable hands of HypercolourIdle HandsPeng Soundand Ruffnek Diskotek. Not forgetting the reverberation from the massive sound system as the booming base bounces off the vaulted ceilings, sending your body into a frenzy.

Don’t miss the first of many incredible nights brought to you by Set it Out!

More info & tickets throuh this link.


Firstly, I would like to start with the foundations for this project. What made you decide to do it?

Under our old moniker, Springstan, we ran a NYE party at Baskerville Hall in Herefordshire, this had been such a special event for us that we really wanted to keep doing events that were similar. We all had moved to Bristol and really felt like we wanted to become producers as well as consumers. A point that can't be over looked is the ambitious promoters, like Alfresco Disco, Team Love or Just Jack, that already operated in the city also inspired us to do try and achieve bigger things beyond a night in a club. Going to festivals like Number 6, Shambala, Boomtown and Glastonbury really make you want to achieve more with your events.

There is a big emphasis on the uniqueness of the venues. Do you think venues play a big role when experiencing live music? 

A really good party should feel tied to the place that it's at be it a club night, a festival or a wedding. Free Rotation at Baskerville Hall, Bloc at Butlins, Secret Garden Party at Abbots Rippton or Subloaded at the Croft, they are unforgettable events and permanently linked to the places they were held. I attended the last Dirty Talk party that was held in a swingers club, it was mental, I don't think anyone will be forgetting that party in a hurry. It's also important to point out that venues are important but so is the music and production, if it is not well rounded it won't work.

Your first chosen venue, The Kings Weston House, is a seemingly controversial one due to its long tradition in Bristol heritage. What drew you to it as the debut for this new project?

I think it will only be controversial if something goes wrong, and I think with good planning that won't be a problem. I don't know where Jack found Kings Weston as no one had done anything there when we first visited. As soon as I walked in my jaw dropped, I think you would have to be made of stone or live a pretty lavish lifestyle to not be moved by the grandness of Kings Weston. After chatting to Norman (the owner) we felt this was the perfect place to launch the new concept.

How will Limbic Cinema’s video mapping projections enhance the experience?

Tom has been designing a set up for the main room as well as helping with the lighting around the rest of the venue. It's always a pleasure working with those boys, we have known two of the many Toms since we were at college and their profile and artistry have grown so much. They are working on increasingly ambitious and grandiose projects, I hope we can keep up.

You have an amazing line-up full of Resident Advisor DJ’s from the top Bristol music labels. Why is the Bristol music scene, for you, so special?

As someone who is a bit of a music junky there aren't many places where you can score as great records as easily as in Bristol. I have lived here for coming up to 4 years now. I was aware of the Idle Hands stuff which at that time was more UK funky, beginning of the house trends. Chris started throwing me the Bristol Archive Records stuff, it totally blew my mind the depth and breadth of bristol's heritage, not just electronic music but reggae, rock etc. Reggae & dub is really at the heart of the cities' sound to me, and with Peng Sound and it's affiliates doing so well at the moment and the Ruffnek ninth birthday rapidly approaching it seems the obvious choice to us. All of Jamie's labels are doing such awesome things at the moment the new Joe Farr, Marco Bernardi, Analogue Cops, Warrior One on Losing Suki and he has been so supportive with everything, I was ecstatic when he said yes. Getting the nod from promoters, producers and labels you admire so much is really such an honour I hope we can do them justice.

What are you most excited about for this coming night?

I don't want to pick favourites but I have been getting A Sagittariun promos since last year and they are bonkers, plus the demo of his live show sounds insane. Having said that Marco is an epic DJ and a bit of a monolith on the Bristol scene. Luke (Typesun) is a Brilliant DJ but so is Chris (Farrell) but then I have also seen Sean and Dan (Kelly) put multiple thousand pound bookings to shame. I'm really looking forward to seeing Ishan and Ras doing Clash of the Titans live its going to be earth rendering. The Ratcatcher mix we got for the radio show we did the other day was great also, his new single is dope. Hodge is coming on strong as well new Livity Sound cut is heavy. Tim and Sam are great Djs hopefully Sam will crack out some of his disco slammers. Henry sent us a strong mix for our show as well. Everyone on the line up is important to us I feel, and to me there is no filler everyone on the bill is doing something really special and unique.

Have you already began planning your next night?

We are always scheming. I think that is just the nature of promoters, dirty schemers haha.

In the future, do you plan on expanding ‘Set it Out’ into other major cities?

What promoter doesn't want that? I would love to do a party on a beach in Rio or a rave on the moon, Branson you heard it here first. A slightly more achievable goal would be doing outdoor events again. I think the real problem is that Bristol has this huge gravitational force, I think it will take a serious force of nature to pry us away from this amazing place. 

Limbic Cinema at Glastonbury


You are currently working on the “Set it out” project to create a live rave in one of Bristol’s finest architectural landmarks; The King Weston House in Bristol.

How do you adapt your work to such a location? Do you take into consideration the architectural forms of the façade and the interior, or is the building merely a blank canvas?

We didn’t want to take over the venue too much, there’s too many beautiful features of it. So for this event we’re going to be focusing on small areas of the building where the music is, bringing subtle details of the space to life.

From the early stages of brainstorming to its completion; how long does it take to culminate an extravagant project like this?

It varies loads, sometimes a simple idea is all that’s needed, and can come together smoothly and quickly. Other times an idea grows and grows in complexity and can require any amount of R&D time to bring to completion. When trying something new you can never be sure how long it’s going to take to get right!

What comes first: the music, the images, the lighting, or the location?


What will the audience have to look forward to?

We’re going to make the walls come alive.

Out of all your experiences, which would you say if your favorite and why?

It’s not a specific experience, but realising a design in the real world, which we’ve developed in the virtual world, is always an extremely exciting experience. As to memorable moments, Alfresco Disco gave handed us one of the rooms in their incredible new years eve party, seeing in 2014. Getting free reign over the music and visual content in such an incredible space, an old court room, was a hell of a lot of fun!

Projection mapping is a 21 century phenomenon: only having been around for a hand-full of years. Where do you see it in terms of the future?

Holograms, eventually! And kinetic art is a really exciting area that’s fast emerging too, but as you say, it’s still in it’s infancy and new exciting technologies and techniques are emerging all the time. It’s constantly evolving.

What is next for Limbic Cinema?

AV sets, sculptures, theatre, interactive installations and expanded cinema/documentaries are all things we’re keen to do more of. But beyond some exciting projects we’ve got on the horizon, who knows!

Limbic Cinema at Just Jack – Paul Blakemore

More info & tickets throuh this link.

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