A Toddla T Interview


Written by Fin Murphy
24 Tuesday 24th September 2013

We caught up with the Shake It star to chat remixing, collaborating and future plans!

Hi Toddla! Which track remixes do you think surpass the originals?

There are quite a few I think - I don’t know if “better” is the right word to use, but there are ones that are more successful; some tracks’ profiles have been raised by remixes, and it tends to be what I’m more interested in. The classic one that I always think of is Moloko’s “Sing It Back”. The La Roux and Skream “In For the Kill” track is another classic example. That took what that sound was from a little club into the mainstream, completely by accident.

Whenever you hear you own material remixed, do you ever wish you'd done what they'd done?

Quite a lot. When you make a record, you spend so much time sitting on it, listening to it. When a remix comes in and there’s a fresh take on it, you think ‘why didn’t I do that?’

Has it surprised you how quickly the project has taken off?

Yes – you never really know how it’s going to be received. The speed at which the track was unlocked, I was quite overwhelmed and surprised. I saw everyone tweeting and then an hour later it was unlocked, I was like ‘whoah!’ I’m pleasantly surprised.

Have you heard any entries already? Have any really struck you?

I’ve heard one so far, and it was really good! It was jacked up to a more Ibiza/Balearic vibe and he'd cut the vocal in. It was really clever. I was super impressed with it.

Does Pandora's Box give any indication how you're moving forward creatively?

A little bit. I think I’ve gained more confidence in the last year or two to do what I genuinely find exciting and believe in. My influences in music are quite broad but I’ve never really had a chance to express it. With Pandora’s Box – it’s the type of track that I’ve wanted to make for a really long time but for whatever reason never really happened. A really sparse simple house record that throws back to acid house with a strong song on it. I think I’ve managed to crack it as near as possible.

As Roses Gabor (also heard on SBTRKT and Gorillaz tracks) is signed to your label, are you keen to collaborate with her again?

100%. We’ll work together whether it’s on her track, my track or for someone else. We’re a crew and it’s just normal for us to continue working together.

What do you think Roses brings to the track that no other singer could?

I think that the song that she’s written is really individual and clever, but also really simple in the way that you can get your head around it. I think that’s part of her genius. And the way she delivered it was really smart. Not many people can carry that diva-house vocal, but the way she does it in her own individual way, which makes her distinctly Roses Gabor and amazing basically.

With BACARDI Beginnings, what do you hope to teach up and coming musicians?

To not only to show people what they can do but inspire them as well. With Roses, the way we built the track, and then I changed it last minute in my producer role showing an artist something new. I also want to show people at home new things as well, even if it is showing people how the stems are processed or how the track is built - that for myself is pretty special for me.

Lastly, what’s your favourite cocktail?

Bacardi Mojito!

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