Alex Metric


Written by Lucy Natek
18 Monday 18th April 2011


First thing's first:  Are you a fan of the Stone Roses, and if so, how amazing was it working with Ian Brown?

Yeah I'm a massive Roses fan, and Ian's solo material just as much. The moment he walked in the studio was mental. I mean it's Ian Brown!! We hung out for a couple of hours after and he told me some fantastic stories. It was one of those moments I'll always remember.

The video for the single features Peter Serafinowicz, who also directed the video: how did that collaboration happen?

We got treatments in. His started with "the video will be Rocky meets Robocop" and ended it with "this video will be fucking amazing". Those two lines alone totally sold me.

What is your “comedown music”?

If I'm back at a mate's house and we're listening to tunes I tend to opt for cheesy 80's music. I don't want to be surrounded by club beats all the time!

You are a DJ, producer and a remixer. Can you pick your favourite out of the three?

Making music first, whatever that entails. The creative process is what I thrive on.

Do you miss doing radio at all?

I don't really miss it if I'm honest. While I enjoyed it and was honoured to have the opportunity, I feel far more comfortable just being in my studio and gigging. My main focus is me as an artist and it felt like radio was a diversion.

Give us an update on your debut album: when is it coming?

The 'Open Your Eyes' album will be out this July, which will be a mix of remixes, originals and productions for other people. My full album will drop February 2012.

You keep pushing the debut album release date back: what's the reason?

Haha, yeah for about three years! I guess I've just moved on from the record I had written. While there's great material on it, I feel it isn't representative of where I'm at now. I'm really striving to make not just an album, but something mental. I feel my head's in the right place to do this now and I can't wait to get properly on it. It's time for Alex Metric, Pt.2.

Which direction are you taking the album, sound-wise?

I want to make something heavier, more epic, with bigger songs and bigger noises. I've spent a few months now searching for a new angle and vibe to come at it and I thinkI really worked out how it can sound and turned a bit of a corner.

Are you the kind of DJ that sticks around and parties after a gig, or do you pack up your Mac and go home?

Regrettably I do stick about and normally end up in an after-party.

An obvious one, but I'm genuinely intrigued: How did you come up with your stage name?

I have no idea. It means nothing, I just thought it sounded cool.

Is it just a name, or is it an alter ego as well? Is Alex Metric different than Alex Drury?

Hmmm, I don't know. Sometimes I do feel more like Alex Metric than Alex Drury, and vice versa. That makes me sound completely mental, right?

What is the best and what is the worst thing about being Alex Metric?

Best thing is doing what I love every day. Worst thing? Warm-up DJ's playing harder music than  I would play.

Your biggest vice?

Analog synths and sunglasses.

What do you think is the most unimportant and massively overrated thing out there?

Football and the royal wedding.

Favourite city in the world?

I love loads of places I've been, LA and Barcelona in particular but you know what, I do love coming back to London.


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