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Written by Michael Anderson
23 Tuesday 23rd November 2010

Eglo Records is becoming an increasingly powerful force in the UK’s burgeoning underground music scene putting out arguably the most forward thinking and innovative music of which there seems to be no barriers. The label, that is now ten records strong, is moving into its third year of existence having so far showcased the exciting talents of Floating Points, Funkineven, Shuanise and Arp 101 and not to mention the vocal brilliance of Fatima, drawing the dots between funk, soul, hip-hop and house (and the rest!). Ahead of the Eglo Records showcase this Saturday at The CAMP, Don’t Panic asked one of the label’s co-owners, Alexander Nut a bit more about the label and what’s to come from him and Eglo in 2011.
So Alex, tell us a bit about the label and club night that you run.
Eglo is the label I’ve been running with Floating Points for the past two years. It's been going really well. It started out as a labour of love but has now turned into a pretty serious and legitimate operation. It was originally something to push ourselves and those around us, but it's now something much bigger and deeper. It's a grass roots operation. The idea is to build something for ourselves and show love and shed light on the people we believe in and what they create. Floating Points is pretty well known now, he's blown up... it's not only a testament to his incredible work and talent but also to the label that backed him and put him out there. We do our best with what we have, whilst maintaining our sense of identity, ownership and control. We put a lot of freedom within the hands of the artist. I think our passion and ideology is expressed through the music. Ultimately it's all about freedom and progression.
The 'Eglo Takeover' night is something we put on at The CAMP every three months. This event (on Saturday) is only our second one there, but the first was great. It's all about the Eglo roster but each time we have a surprise special guest. The last one we had Dam Funk and he smashed it. The idea behind the night is just to let the artists on the label come together and shine... throw a few friends into the equation, a secret guest, great soundsystem and a big old warehouse space and you got yourself a great party. It's the Eglo sound. We're breaking new artists. It's all messed up and diverse but somehow it all works and makes sense, it's not a follow fashion or trend thing, its very free... and I'm very proud of it.
What is your background because you've only moved to London within the last few years right?
I've been in London for around 6/7 years now. I don't really have any background or fancy story, I just love music and art...  always have. I left Wolverhampton because there was no longer anything to keep me there. No inspiration, no industry, no peers. It was hard work. Don't get me wrong, there were a lot of great people and places there, it made me who I am... but I have to keep moving forwards. Everything’s cool over here though. It all turned out nice.
To those that have not listened to your show on Rinse or seen you play, what should they expect if they come to see Alexander Nut?
Who knows? I’m a mixed up guy, with eclectic tastes... even if you listen to the radio show it's not the same as what I'd be doing in clubs. I just try to take as much music with me as possible and feel the vibe of the room. As long as it's soulful, weighty and dirty I'll play it. My roots span from Hip Hop, but my wings spread a lot further than my feet and foundations.
How did the Eglo thing come about?
Just the need to release some of Floating Points' music really. We'd been friends for a while, I was working within the music industry, I had the radio show, so setting up a label and putting something of Sam's out seemed to be logically, the next step. It was a risk. We put our hearts, time and money into it, but it worked.
2010 has been a big year for the label. What's been your highlight?
My highlight this year was sitting at the top of the Acropolis in Athens, Greece, watching the sun come up with Funkineven in the rain after we'd done a show. It's those moments that do it for me… money can't buy that. It's what makes it all worthwhile; to know all your hard work was worthwhile. Eglo took me to the top of the Acropolis at Sunrise. Shouts out to Black Athena all day, that’s fam, they're our peoples.
How do you see things progressing into 2011? Have you got any new artists that you will be bringing through?
Yeah we've laid the foundations now, so it's time to build the rest. So far all we've done is release music and do shows. And pretty much all of that music was vinyl based singles or EPs. So now it's time to branch out, build a website, put out CDs, work on artist albums, make merchandise and tour. We also want to spread love, and knowledge and information. The whole point of Eglo is to hold onto the power through the energy we have created. Why build it all and hand it over to someone else who only want to exploit it. We're here for the people and the art. We’ve all got to pay bills, but it's the art that keeps me happy.
Can we expect some material from yourself?
Yeah but don't hold your breath on that… I get just about enough free time a week to wash my clothes! It's coming, it’s coming… and I'll be very happy when it's ready.
Is there anything else you would like to add for the readers?
Stay inspired, follow your heart, don't let people take your dreams away. Learn more, respect the world and everything in it. And thank you for giving me the opportunity to express that.
The Eglo Records showcase takes place at The CAMP, 70-74 City Rd, EC1 2BY this Saturday November 27. You can also catch Alex from 1-3pm every Saturday afternoon on the seminal Rinse FM.

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