Alexei Lubimov At St James' Church


Written by Don't Panic
05 Tuesday 05th May 2015

It used to be that trips to see a play, opera or orchestra were a lavish affair and for most that feeling of grandeur still lies in connection with the experience. These days, such excursions are much more affordable. And a lot of fun! 

If you want to get dressed up for the evening, drink champagne and say yes to classical music then we recommend you should start with the very best: Alexei Lubimov - 'The Legends of the Piano' Concert Series at St James' Church.

Alexei Lubimov is a legendary Russian pianist. World renowned for his classical repertoire as well as his more contemporary music. In this concert, proposed by MCS Young Artists, he will embark on a journey; following in the footsteps of some of the greats. Including Mozart, Shubert and Stravinsky. 

The concert is being held at the enchanting St James' Church, neighbouring Hyde Park. Tickets start at £10 for students or £15 with champagne! (MCS champagne bar is one of the best kept secrets for champagne lovers - drink and donate - this supports musicians scholarship).

So get dressed up, enjoy a glass and be inspired. I can assure you, you'll be glad you came.

Like MCS Young Artists on Facebook for further details and email to book the following special ticket offers - exclusively for Don't Panic readers!

STANDARD SEATS: 14 - (usually £20) / £19 with champagne

UNDER 25s: 10 (usually £15) / £14 with champagne

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