Animal Shoes


Written by Tshepo Mokoena
Photos and illustrations by Kobi Levi, Iris Schieferstein
04 Monday 04th April 2011

We're generally fans of the weird and wonderful when it comes to clothes and accessories. The latest troupe of animal-inspired shoes may just be a step (sorry) too far, even for us though. We've pulled together some of the most hilarious animalistic shoes that only the most reckless will be coveting this autumn. See the Chanel Gun Heels above for an idea of where we're going with this.

To start off with the most wearable, we've got some horseshoe-influenced boots from designer A F Vandevorst. They combine a subtle nod to the hoof shape without going all the way, as far as real fur or real animal parts. See them as the starter version of an animal shoe, these will have you clip-clopping around the paddock with little drama.

When it comes to extreme, hoof-inpsired design Iris Schieferstein shows no fear. This German designer has been churning out real horse hair boots for a few seasons now, using as much real animal product as possible in each. Let's just say this is one for the die-hard fetishists and few others.


Schieferstein takes her animal obsession to the skies with the 'Temptation' shoe too. She uses real birds to, erm, get your foot admirers' hearts all a-flutter. There's a beautiful delicacy to these in essence, but the reality of strolling around with taxidermied birds perched on your pedicure may just be a touch too much for some.

More interested in showing some love for your feline friends? Then you should probably grab yourself a pair of Kobi Levi's Miao heels. Their cartoonish yet detailed architecture is one for the artistically inclined. Levi also dabbles with bird-shaped heels and more playful colour combinations. These will fit right in with the Louis Vuitton-inspired animal imagery already alluded to for spring.

What's not to like?

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  • Guest: oldboy
    Tue 05 - Apr - 2011, 14:52
    You should check out Iris Schieferstein's shoes and her amazing solo exhibition at MILKandLEAD Art Gallery, 1A Turville Street, London E2 7HX