Written by Josh Morris
03 Friday 03rd May 2013

Tom Shorten

DJ Name:




Country of Origin:

London, England

Genre/s of mix:

House / Garage / 130-ish vibes

Tell us a little bit about yourself, what makes you different?

I hail from Hackney, London. Moved up to Nottingham a couple of years ago for University. I’m a qualified skydiver; I guess that’s pretty unusual.

Give us some insight into the mix you are sending in.

To celebrate the end of the Fiscal year, I put all my favorite tracks together. Mixed on 1210’s via Traktor. It’s pretty boss, I’m not going to lie. You should give it a listen.

How did you get into becoming a DJ?

I’ve been mixing properly since the age of 15, but a friend’s dad & uncle used to DJ (and still does) when we were kids, so I guess I picked it up from that.

Name one track you couldn’t live without.

My iTunes most played track is Babylon – David Gray. That’s actually rather depressing; there have been some dark days I tell you! If I was going on the track that gave me the best memories, it would be ‘’If we Ever – High Contrast ft. Diane Charlemagne’’

Who do you think is making the most impact on the music scene at the moment?

Daft Punk hands down. I used to listen to their stuff when my dad played them on long road trips. Showing us that people can actually release a 5th studio album without it sounding dry!

What is your most memorable DJ experience?

The first time I played out to a crowd that consisted of more people than my bedroom can hold. It was at a joint birthday for a mate and myself. I had the whole set planed out to a tee! That didn’t stop me feeling sick. Actually another one, we put on a rave in Crystal Palace Park back in 2011, all run from generators, and a crowd of about 200 came down. Absolutely sick vibes.

Smirnoff Ice or Lambrini?

Smirnoff Ice. Lads.Lads.Lads. Actually tell a lie, Lambrini, but only when I’m in that ‘drunk guy, park bench sort of mood’

If you could choose a celebrity spouse, who would it be?

B.Traits. Holla!

If you were a Simpsons character, which one would you be?

One of the yellow ones

What is your worst public transport story?

It was late, just on my way out via the tube. Drunken guy swaying close to the empty platform. Went over to help/make sure we didn’t go in. Then the fucker pissed on me. Never again

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