At Home & on the Road: Joe Driscoll & Sekou Kouyate


Written by James Ratcliffe
11 Friday 11th April 2014

At Home:

TuNeYaRdS - Water Fountain
Have loved TuNeYaRdS for a long time. She was a live looping inspiration for me, focusing on banging hooks with quirky harmonies, and this great raw grit to her. Folky, funky, and a little punky while still being a bit poppy. She's doing some great stuff.

Nick Mulvey- Meet Me There
Nick Mulvey and I worked together a lot in the OneTaste artist collective, and I've been amazed at his growth and songwriting. It's beautiful folk, great lyrics, classic songwriting that calls on the ancestors yet maintains an air of originality. He's been getting a lot of well deserved buzz lately, looking forward to the album dropping soon.

Kate Tempest- Lonely Daze'
Another running partner from the OneTaste artist collective, Kate is a multi award winning poet. She's written two plays that are being performed now in the US and UK, which are both brilliant. Was excited to hear she's revisiting her hip-hop poetry roots with a new album coming out on Big Dada Label. She's undoubtably one of the greatest wordsmiths working today, and I highly recommend checking out her plays, spoken word, and the new album dropping soon.

Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars- Maria 
This band are our label mates on Cumbancha Records, and we love the company we're keeping. Great world grooves, amazing musicianship and song writing. Sunny day music, a real soulful African flavour from Sierra Leone.

Listen through this link.

Diane Cluck- Sara
Diane Cluck is a friend from my NYC folk days. Eerie folk, she is one of the finest lyricist I"ve ever known, with haunting melodies that real stay with you. She has the ability to cut right to the bone for me, one of the artist I admire the most. 

On The Road:

Chinese Man ft. Tumi- Once Upon A Time
Big boom bap beat, funny clever lyrics offering subtle social commentary while being totally danceable. Chinese Man are one of the tightest hip-hop reggae dance outfits in the game.

Mokoomba- Njoka  
I recently saw this crew from ZImbabwe in Bristol and they blew my mind. One of the best live shows going. I've been trying to introduce them to everyone I can. This track has a ragga dancehall thing going, but its still very rooted in the African groove and rhythm. They are one to watch, and definitely the best live thing I've seen in ages.

La La and The Boo Ya - Lioness Original  
Found La La and the Boo Ya through Ben Dowden, who's done videos for the both of us. Just straight up Junglist vibe, with great lyrics and vocals. Being American, I wasn't exposed to Jungle until later in life- and instantly fell in love with the rhythms and bass. These kids just do it up proper. Love them. 

Tom Caruana - Wu-Tang Vs. Beatles: Uh-Huh
I once told a support DJ my two biggest influences were The Beatles and Wu Tang, and he ran home during set break to give me this album on a flash drive. I'm a sucker for mashups, and I've never heard them better executed than by Tom Caruana. You can get a bunch of his stuff on free download from

The Mouse Outfit- 'Sit Back' 
The Mouse Outfit are my favourtie UK hip-hop to come out these past few years. They're innovative yet classic, and look forward to catching them live at some festivals this summer.

Joe Driscoll & Sekou Kouyate
Venue: The Lantern (Colston Hall)
Time: 20:00
Date: Thu 24 Apr 2014
Price: £10.75 incl. booking fee

Tickets & More Info

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Their performance at the Hall last year was described as “a lesson in innovation” (This Is Somerset) as the duo seamlessly fused Driscoll’s hip-hop/folk sounds with “inspired kora improvisation” (The Guardian) from Kouyate. The latter produces “an astonishing rapid-fire cascade of notes from the African harp that inevitably [draws] comparisons with Hendrix,” says The Guardian

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