At Home & on the Road: Ralph Lawson


Written by James Ratcliffe
16 Wednesday 16th April 2014


Mano Le Tough - Canibalize
A lot of hype around this young chap from Ireland at the moment and, for a change, deservedly so. The best electronic album since John Talabot in my book.  Of course 'Primative People' is the big hit but I love 'Canibalize' personally.  

Kokolo - Girls on Film
Awesome afro cover of infamous Duran Duran song.  So wrong in so many ways yet so superbly right!

Steely Dan - Peg
True De La Soul fans will spot the sample immediately but let's face it the original is so so so much better - 'I Know I Love You Better!"

Jaco Pastorius - Improvisation No.1 / Teen Town (Live in Italy)
The legendary bass player form Weather Report who died drunk and destitute Jaco Pastorius was so far ahead of anyone else it was just scary.  At his peak live in Italy this 13 minute workout is just mind blowing.  How can anyone move their fingers that fast?? The Jimi Hendrix of bass, so sad how it ended. The music business is so hard.  

Afropusherman - Psyco On The Bus
Did you check out the amazing 'Who is William Onyeabor?' that came out on David Byrne's Luaka Bop a few months back? If you didn't go and buy it now or find it on Spotify as it is the best album of the past 5 or so years bar none.  Then look it up on Spotify and when you come back to earth hit the 'Discover' button and you'll find a whole world of Nigerian Afro Funk you didn't know existed. Unless I did anyway. I came across this baby and it's a testament to how good Spotify is at helping you find new music. I was sceptical at first now I'm a convert. Welcome to the future and find the past...

On The Road

Cayam - No Stress
I get sent so many promos I managed to miss this when the label Hypercolour sent it out, so I was a bit late, but I bought it as soon as I heard it.  I sent them a message to say I loved it and they said they weren't surprised as it's by Maya Jane Coles in disguise!  Maya C backwards init.  I can spot my peeps even if they try to hide...

Cab Drivers - Mind Trip
These guys have been around for ever but I know very little about them apart from they make great records.  Play this in a club and watch heads roll, one of my favourite pastimes.  

Roland Nights - Breezin
I've been playing this a while but as the weather improves it makes perfect sense to keep it on the playlist through summer. Sweeps across a dancefloor like a cool breeze on a hot day.  

Philip Bader - Edge of Space
Beats + Bass = What more do yo need ?

Lost in Time - The Moment
20 years after I  produced the 'Dedication to Jos' track with Chez Damier we finally made it back into the studio to record a follow up !   Back then we only had a day in the studio and nothing has changed this time, as it was recorded in one day after a gig at back to basics in Leeds.  Seize the moment!

You can catch Ralph Lawson playing at Egg this weekend in London. Joining him will be Mobilee faithful Ray Okparam, Rodriguez Jr, & Ranacat, as well as support from Ejeca and many more. 

More info & tickets


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