At Home & on the Road: Shadow Child


Written by James Ratcliffe
25 Friday 25th April 2014


Detroit Swindle - BYO
What an album.. Had it on a loop at home recently and this is the opener and one of the standout moments. Biggy!

Pink Floyd - Money
We play loads of vinyl at home and Dark Side of the Moon is always on heavy rotation. This is my fave from the album though!

Stevie Wonder - Black Man
Not actually got Songs in the Key of Life on vinyl.. Shocker! This ones pure liquid funk though and you can hear the experimental side of the album, again the nerdy side of me loves! You can play this album start to finish anytime to experience so many feelings, it's genius.

The Rolling Stones - She's a Rainbow
Again from the vinyl collection.. I grew up with all the Stones stuff through my Dad but always loved this one. Too many others too, but you can hear an innocence in this one that's rare in Stones material. Anthem!

Nneka / Shining Star (Joe Goddard mix)
This one reminds us of our wedding, we had an amazing day almost 2 years ago now with so many of our friends outside in a castle courtyard and after the formalities were done this song came on and forever reminds us of summer 2012.


LTJ Bukem & Peshay - 19.5 (reprisal)
This tune epitomises my favourite era of DnB.. 1994 was amazing, and Bukem was king!

Goldie - Timeless (Inner City Life)
The next king of DnB.. the Metalheadz sound has always been so unique and this tune is the stand out of course from Goldies Timeless album. Forever too of the pile.. all 22mins of it.

Peter Gabriel - Big Time
This and 'Sledgehammer' often gets played.. It's the most 'pop' PG went but I just love 'Big Time' and what the song is about. Also on the nerdy side I love the production of these 2 tracks, really caught the whole vibe of 1986.

New Order - True Faith
What is there NOT to say about this.. again a really important era for music from Manchester in particular. It wasn't rave or house but it definitely emitted those same vibes that we're rolling around the Hacienda at such a big time for UK music. I love the song, incredible chorus too.

Big Ben's Incredible Banjo Band - I've Never Seen a Straight Banana
Yes.. this is a secret weapon. My wife and I spend hours on the road as she also tour manages me and shares the driving. We often have a lovers tiff in the Shadow-wagon so this one comes out and fixes all the problems in seconds. I joke not, it works every time! Thanks to my late Nan for always playing this when I was a tiny kid, great memories of her and her humour!

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