At Home & on the Road: Zombie Disco Squad


Written by James Ratcliffe
17 Monday 17th March 2014

House Syndicate - Jam The Mace 
I have been playing this one to death recently. It has a great bit where it drops into a weird snare that I loop up and bring in another track over the loop. It sounds as fresh as when it was made (which is nearly 25 years ago!).

Vin Sol - Edge of a Vortex
I have just finished doing some collabs with Vin Sol (out on Jackathon in May) he is a very talented young man - I really like the fact that his stuff has a classic feel but sounds new. This was the track that made me want to work with him. when the bass comes in I smile. 

Midnight Star - The Midas  Touch
I played with Monte the other week and we ended up playing back to back at the end of the night. Pretty much everyone had left by 10 am which is when he dropped this 80's bomb. I have a video of him and another fella doing a incredible synchronized dancing routine. It's such good vibes. 

Py - Lungs
Py's voice gives me shivers. She is a brilliant vocalist - I have been trying to get the in studio with her for ages. Defiantly one to watch. 

The Detroit experiment - Think Twice (Henrik Schwarz remix)
Henrik shares the top spot as my favorite producer of all time (cajmere/green velvet is the other one) and this track embodies why I love him so much - it's dead simple but musically brilliant.

ENNIO - Ready 4 Love
Hamburg geezer making proper uk vibes. When the baseline comes in I shout 'oioi' and sling up my gun fingers. Great song and has been working really well on the floor.

ZDS - Bang Ze Box
One from me. This is the track I have been most pleased with recently and I was so happy it got such great support from people I really respect. I this is your first time hearing it I hope you like it.

Sei A - Make It Work (Breach Remix)
One of Ben's best remixes. Ten minutes of awesome underground jacking vibes.

Cajmere feat. Dajae - Say U Will
As mentioned earlier Cajmere is my favorite producer and this is my favorite one from him. What I love about his production is the simplicity and solid grooves. 

Gameboyz - Juan El Jefe (Marc Piñol Remix)
I heard Claude Von Stroke drop this in Kazantip and lost my tiny little mind. When the synth line comes in near the end I remember literally jumping with joy - I have been playing it every set since then.

You can catch Zombie Disco Squad at Motion on the 29th March, performing for Cut a Rug. Tickets are still only £7.50! 

Click this link for tickets and be sure to like Cut a Rug on facebook to stay up to date with their future bookings and parties.

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