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Written by Melz Durston
16 Tuesday 16th September 2014

Since 2006, they've been making waves both in their native Australia as well as globally -- notching up appearances at festivals including Edinburgh Fringe and the Adelaide Caberet Festival.  In 2008 they released their debut comedy album "Scissors, Paper, Rock!" and have since released several more, including a live DVD.  Their new show "Viva La Vida Loca Las Vegas" is currently touring the UK.

They're currently touring the UK are are landing in Bristol this week - yes that's right folks, this Thursday the Axis of Awesome are going to be in your town.

We spoke with Lee Naimo in between dodging dinosaur skeletons swinging from ceilings in an old Edinburgh museum...

So how did you guys evolve into the Axis of Awesome?

We were studying at the The University of Sydney and doing a lot of Improv.  Jordan was doing a lot of stand-up comedy.  We got to the point where we wanted to branch out and do something different.  So we started up our own thing.  Shortly after, we were performing at festivals in Melbourne and also Edinburgh Fringe.  Eight years later, it's sort of taken over our life.


You made a name of yourself with the 4 Chords song, a mockery of a medley of 36 various pop songs.  How did the original artists take to this?

I think that most musicians have got a good sense of humour about themselves.  We were shown a video of Journey watching us performing their own song Don't Stop Believin' - they were loving it.  I think the more seriously you take yourself, the more likely you are to lose fans.


You've recently been in Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival, before a week in Germany and now back to the UK for eighteen live shows.  What keeps you going when you're on tour?

The thought of home!  It was hard going when we were touring America for months on end.  That was hard.  There was no definite end and we couldn't wait to get back and see our families. We get on quite well, we play board games on the tour bus.


Do you take inspiration from the likes of Tim Minchin, Eugene Mirman, or perhaps Dave Gorman?  

Tim Minchin is actually a good buddy of ours.  In our world we've created, we're kind of more successful in our heads.  We like to think we're more like Tenacious D.

Axis of Awesome launched an interactive web-based comedy series, on August 26th - a 30-part series which can be previewed below.

Axis of Awesome continue their tour.  A strange oxymoronic existence for a band who seem adept at interrogating the emptiness of popular culture -- in doing so, they have created their own form of popular culture.  The limits to their future seem endless.

Tour Dates:


18 Sept - Bristol: The Lantern

19 Sept - Bath: Komedia

20 Sept - Newbury: Arlington Arts Centre

21 Sept - Banbury: The Mill Arts Centre

22 Sept - Manchester: Academy 2

23 Sept - Brighton: Komedia

25 Sept - Stafford:  Stafford Gatehouse Theatre

26 Sept - Leamington Spa: Royal Spa Centre

27 Sept - Rhyl: Pavillion Theatre

28 Sept - Cardiff: Glee Club

29 Sept - Leeds: The Wardrobe


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