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Azeem's Senior Flute Recital


Written by Oscar Henson
14 Thursday 14th May 2015

A student flute recital has become the hottest ticket in the US of A this Summer.

Azeem Ward, a student at the University of California, is set to perform his senior flute recital on Saturday 16th May. He is touted to perform classics such as Devienne's 'Concerto No. 7', Gaubert's 'Sonata No.3' and Roitstein's 'Flautas' alongside more contemporary smashers, including 'Three Beats for Beatbox Flute'. 

After posting the event on Facebook, the recital has attracted worldwide attention, with more than 4000 people due to attend. UK fans unable to reach the recital have started a petition with the hope of convincing Azeem to stream the concert live online.

The event has even garnered celebrity endorsement from Swedish football player Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who humbly proclaiming that he must henceforth be known as "the Azeem Ward of football".

Get involved - tickets are flying.

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