B1NΔRY VISION interview Josh Butler


02 Friday 02nd October 2015

First launched in 2014, Bristol's B1NΔRY VISION clubnights have quickly become renowned for their ecclectic, well-informed approach to club music, as well as the friendly, discerning crowds they attract.

Ahead of their upcoming party at Lakota (Thursday 8th October), we asked the BV boys to catch up with their headline act - Leeds-based house DJ, Josh Butler [Noir / Madtech]. 

Josh Butler is joined at Lakota by Maxxi Soundsystem and Eli & Fur this Thursday. 

BV: First and foremost - we are very much looking forward to having you down on the 8th. What are your memories of playing in Bristol so far and what can we expect from your set?

JB: I'm looking forward to coming back to Bristol, I've had some great times there. My first gig there was at Blue Mountain, great first impressions of the city and every time I've been back, its never disappointed. 


BV: What do you think of our line up and have you played alongside any of the artists before? 

JB: Yeah I'm a big fan of both Maxi Soundsystem and Eli & Fur. I've been bumping in to those girls quite a lot over the summer so it will be nice to catch up.


BV: Your producing really started to gather a following whilst you were living in New Zealand. Were you influenced by any of the local music when you were there? Or was it a case of trying to produce music similar to what you’d grown up to listening in the UK?

JB: Most of it was UK influenced actually but there is a big home grown reggae scene in New Zealand so bands such as Fat Freddies Drop and Salmonella Dub had an impact on what I was making. Reggae still influences some of my music to this day.


BV: Who are the house artists that you look up to and would love to play with one day? 

JB: Kerri Chandler and Masters at Work are my house heroes. I'm lucky enough to work with Kerri and we've become good friends over the years.


BV:  Which to date is your favourite label to work with and why?

JB: I love working with Noir and Cajual. Getting along with a label or label owner, on a personal level is important to me so the places I have released are usually my friend's labels. 


BV: One of the highlights of your career so far - which we are extremely jealous of - was touring with the legendary CHIC. What was Nile like in person? And what’s your favourite CHIC tune? 

JB: Nile is an absolute gent. It was a huge honour to tour with him and the band. When we came off the decks each night, just before the band started, Nile would come over to give us a hug and thank us. Real special moments. Favourite CHIC record..Tough question...'Everybody Dance'


BV: Your career really seems to have kicked off since ‘Got A Feeling in 2013’ and with recent releases such as ‘Feelings & Meanings’ and ‘I Was There’ we can only imagine it’s going to grow from strength to strength. Has there been any releases or particular times over your career that have been turning points in your eyes?

JB: For me, my last release featuring Lono Brazil, 'The Essence of House' is a personal favourite. Lono was a very close friend of Frankie Knuckles and "Was there" during the birth of this music we now call, House. It's a rare insight to the History of our music. I'm in New York at the moment and met up with Lono last night, we hungout in the studio and recorded some stuff. What was going to be a 2 hour session turned in to 7 hours of talking shit and drinking.


BV: What can we expect from you in the near future? 

JB: Lots more music, there's some exciting releases in the pipeline. I also have a side project, limited pressing, vinyl only tracks that I'll be revealing soon. 


BV:  Now you’re becoming more and more popular, you’re getting booked all over the world and must be spending less time away from home. How do you find all the travelling and the workload? 

JB: I'm always writing on the road, jotting ideas on my laptop in hotels and on planes. When I'm home I spend pretty much all of my time in the studio finishing ideas.


BV: Your most exotic performance location? 

JB: ​I played at a really cool festival in Johannesburg in a valley between two mountains at sunset. That felt pretty special. Croatia is a beautiful place to play too.

Binary Vision returns to Lakota on Friday 8th October. 


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