Bands That Should Probably Get Back Together Now


18 Thursday 18th December 2014
We are in the grand age of the reunion special. Almost every band who can reunite has - or probably will do very shortly. I spent most of my adolescent years dreaming of a Pixies reunion, only for them to play everywhere that would have them a few year later. Even Limp Bizkit brought Wes Borland back, but I decided not to go see them.
What is it getting all of these guys out of bed and back on stage, or god forbid, into the recording studio? I want to say it's for the music, but let's be real. Money. Sad sacks like me will spend whatever they have to get cataclysmic to something distinctly average. There is nothing more depressing than someone working in a bar for minimum wage, only to blow it all on shit seats at a sold out tour for a band that weren’t even that great the first time around, such as the Ride reunion scheduled for Summer 2015.
But if everyone's doing it, there are a few guys I want to call. Ruin my perception of your legacy and perform a substandard show for me, take my last £60 and force me down a memory lane I probably don’t even want to travel. Come guys get back together.
1. Talking Heads 
I’ve absolutely had it David Byrne. If Black Francis can upheave his original line up, you can call up the gang to at least do Stop Making Sense in its entirety at Coachella. I’d like to see a revival from the Tom Tom Club whilst we’re at it. Everyone else in the band wants to give it another crack, and it all lies on David who won’t do it because he’s a cry baby whose hell-bent on preserving the glory years.
Byrne’s exact words on the matter are 'I’m not keen and it’s unlikely to happen. I don’t need the money bad enough.' That was in 2009, so hopefully he’s burnt through his life savings and is ready to do a soul destroying solo set at Hop Farm. 
2. Digable Planets 
Butterfly, Ladybug Mecca and Doodlebug of Digable Planets were one of the coolest things Hip Hop had going for it back when it used to be a genre people respected, and not a byword for Iggy Azalea v Azalea Banks beefs. Rebirth of the Slick (Cool Like Dat) is a jazz rap anthem which epitomises the level of #chill that the trio exuded, but their act disbanded when Ladybug Mecca felt she wasn’t getting as much respect as her male counterparts.
While they’ve engaged in a couple of reunion concerts, Butterfly’s move to alternative hip hop duo Shabazz Palaces has kind of stunted any future plans for collaboration. Although the Digable Planets influence is clearly there in Shabazz Palaces releases, it's not the same without Ladybug's smooth vocals. I’m just hoping one of these days I’ll show up to a Shabazz Palaces show and be awarded with a surprise reunion. 
3.  Good Shoes 
While Good Shoes have technically not broken up, and probably don’t have many people requesting them to make new music, I love these guys. Mainly because they hail from SW London, like me! Sadly, indie music is a defunct market reserved for those who still wear winkle pickers and hang out in Camden market. I mean for Christ’s sake, their new bass player used to play in Vincent Vincent and the Villains AND they once supported the Maccabees. 
4. Fugazi 
There is little worse than a band breaking up then announcing a hiatus. Fugazi’s break has now been going on for 11 years and I think it’s about time Ian MacKaye got off his high horse and got back out there. 13 Songs was released in 1989. 25 years is a long time for all those sXe kids to have no one care about them. Come on Ian, give them something to drink cola to!
5. FM Static 
My affinity for pop punk is probably the worst part of my personality! FM Static are still knocking around, but I haven’t seen their name on a Warped Tour poster in forever. I don’t really want to give their 2011 album a go, but if they’re willing to come back and show us all a little magic while singing about getting out of their hometown and not getting the girl they want I’m all ears.
Three Days Later offered me hope that when I was older my life would be like an episode of The O.C. where my pals and I would all haul to the beach in our jeeps and listen to Modest Mouse. It wasn't. Going to an FM Static show now would probably be quite a sobering experience, seeing as all my dreams were lies.  
6. Girls

The Girls split of 2012 was a very confusing time for me. Mainly because I had just started dating a guy who loved them so much that upon hearing the news insisted we held a vigil, including candles and a vinyl of Father, Ghost, Holy Spirit on standby. Thankfully, that relationship did not last. Unthankfully, the sadness surrounding Christopher Owens and Chet White's split did.
While Christopher Owens solo career is pretty great and produces a lot of music that almost transcends the legacy of Girls, I still wonder what I'd have to do to get the boys back at it. Owens is such a spiritual, calm guy that I feel I'd have to do a sacrificial ritual in a sweat lodge for him to even harmonise with Chet again, but we can all pray. 

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