Banoffee Pies drop first release


Written by James Ratcliffe
30 Wednesday 30th July 2014

Bristol based Banoffee Pies have dropped their debut release, a vinyl only EP featuring tracks from Ruf Dug, Mr. Mendel, Philou Louzolo and Martin Hayes. Here's what they had to say...

Having kept it low-key between events, we felt that it was about time to move on from being elusive and press a record. In true Banoffee style, we present our first VA in the series. Four genre-spanning late-night cuts from four wonderful producers.

Fittingly, the opener comes courtesy of analog-bothering disco don Ruf Dug, who played our first ever Banoffee Pies Presents party over a year ago and has supported us through our journey since. Opening with “Cosmic feelings” steadily piling unstable synth lines onto pumping bass and quick-fire snares into a rugged spaceship crescendo.

Aptly-titled A2 'Freakin' comes hot off the desk of Amsterdam native Mr. Mendel. Despite being a little more downtempo than its predecessor, make no mistake: this is a stomper of a track, underscoring hot samples with full-bodied kicks guaranteed to shake the floor.

On the other side, Phil Louzolo's contribution 'Woman 2 Woman' (dedicated by Phil as a tribute to the extraordinary Kathleen Cleaver) builds first steadily, then urgently, knife-edge stabs and tense keys creating the sense that it could boil over at any minute.

Things are rounded out smoothly by Martin Hayes, whose slo-mo tropical number 'Broken Memories' brings the EP with hazy rides and undulating chords. Sublime stuff.

Banoffee Pies 001 was mastered and pressed at Curved Pressings in London. The release is limited to 350 copies available from September 2014. Distribution information is available via our Soundcloud.

Banofee Pies have just announced their debut label release, titled Banoffee Pies 001. The vinyl only release features Ruf Dug, Mr Mendel, Philou Louzolo and Martin Hayes. Enjoy!

Label: Banoffee Pies
No: BP001
Various Artists: Ruf Dug, Mr. Mendel, Philou Louzolo, Martin Hayes
Info: Limited Press White Label – 350 only!
Genre: House/Disco/Cosmic/Tropical/Soul
Release Date: September 2014 (Estimated the 3rd)

Track Names:
A1 Ruf Dug – Cosmic Feelings
A2 Mr. Mendel – Freakin’
B1 Philou Louzolo – Woman 2 Woman (Tribute to Kathleen Cleaver)
B2 Martin Hayes – Broken Memory

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