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Written by Jade French
26 Monday 26th November 2012

Top image: Laurel Halo – Quarantine

It's Jack Black! With an American Eagle! A shame we didn't spot this for our Celebrity with Birds article. This album art really evokes Jack moving on, evolving his sound - it couldn't be more different from the White Stripe 'Elephant' cover. 

Saint Etienne - Words and Music

Trying to be unbiased here but really, shall we call it a day and just give the prize to Saint Etienne? This has all the best components - puns, a My First Book aesthetic, and the track-listing right at the front. Plus, we might have done a cheeky interview with them this summer.

Created by Manchester design studio Dorothy (who we've mentioned before, too), this map takes us through a musical landscape, from Itchycoo Park to Virgina Planes, down a Shady Lane to Tobacco Road. If you're the kinda person who looks likes your album art to allow you to multi-task whilst you listen to music - then this is the vote for you!

Animal Collective - Centipede HZ

This album art really sums up the Animal Collective album - mainly because as a band they keep the same artist to make both the artwork, videos and stage show. Abby Portner is the creator of the giant, psychedelic mouth and integral to the aesthetic of Animal Collective. This album landed like a spaceship crashing to earth and it's really reflected in Portner's visuals.

Matthew Dear – Beams

Artist Michael Cina is the culprit of the above artwork. A multimedia extraordinaire and mainstay of the Ghostly International collective

If Francis Bacon had ever gotten a chance to create a portrait of Simon Cowell - well, this would be pretty close to the result. Whether this is a subtle dig at a music industry saturated with oh-so-catchy pop tunes and One Direction holding puppies, we couldn't say. But the use of oil painting, the strong brushstrokes and (possibly accidental) satire really make this artwork a contender. 

Why? - Mumps etc.

There's something quite tender about the album artwork for the album Mumps etc. by Why? The moment before Pinocchio (I'm a real boy!) is swallowed by the whale is captured perfectly here. We see the gaping mouth, the fear in the wooden eyes and this is all perfectly summed up by the word (and coincidentally the bands name!) "Why?". To make this album art interactive and intriguing the creators even put together this behind-the-scenes video:


You can vote here. Exhibition on at the Front Room until 13th January. Winners announced January 10th 2013.

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