Written by Josh Morris
24 Wednesday 24th April 2013



DJ Name:




Country of Origin:

United Kingdom

Genre/s of mix:

Dark Electronica & Techno.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I've found that I'm very visual when it comes to music. One of my favourite things to do is to just lie in bed at night, with some of the weirdest and darkest music I can find and let my mind create images to accompany it. One night there might be an ancient Amazonian tribe drumming to the music of Cut Hands around a fire. On another, a weird pagan ritual might be in full swing accompanied by some of Shackleton's Music For The Quiet Hour.

Give us some insight into the mix you are sending in.

My aim with this mix was to really get lost into some of my weirdest thoughts and feelings that come to me when listening to music. I remember sitting in a dark room prior to the mix reading about cults and early ritualistic behaviour in humans, and how an altered state of consciousness called 'battle trance' can be induced by ritualistic actions: repetition, loud rhythmic chanting, drumming and dancing. I found it so intriguing and decided to utilize traktor to create a mix that would explore some of these themes, using loops and effects to layer and modulate sounds from four different decks over time.

How did you get into becoming a DJ?

I recall being around 12 years old when I first encountered a set of decks. My sisters ex-boyfriend used to be a very active Garage DJ and whenever I would stay at their house he would get me on them. I still remember having to stand on a box to be able to reach them properly. He even lent me his 1210's but unfortunately my sisters relationship with him ended and he took them back, I think I was more heart broken than she was!

What makes Techno so appealing to yourself and the millions of fans across the world?

I think the techno scene has this air of maturity and rebelliousness linked to it that draws people in. The whole feeling of being part of an underground movement and being accepted has carried on throughout it's history.

Name one track you couldn't live without.

Maggot Brain by Funkadelic. That track holds so many weird and wonderful memories for me. Plus I find the rumours of how that song was created so fascinating,

Do you produce? If so, where do you find inspiration?

I do but I have yet to properly finish a song. I think there's around 70 that are unfinished. Before I start a song I always try to have the name ready and a piece of art that fits it. I find that really helps tune into the atmosphere of the record. I also find a lot of inspiration in the buildings and estates around London, especially at night. I'll be sitting in a friends flat in this big run down estate making this raw industrial techno, and it all just seems so fitting. Pretty much all the inspiration I need. 

Who do you think is making the most impact on the Techno scene at the moment?

There's definitely quite a few labels, nights and artists that deserve a mention. For me at the moment, the Plex & Colony guys are having a big impact on the techno scene in London with the quality nights they've been putting on recently. The same goes for Perc and his label. One artist that just has to be mentioned is Truss' MPIA3 alias, techno at it's most stripped down rawest form. People are, quite rightly, going mental for it. I also think the Semantica and Dystopian labels are releasing a lot of amazing stuff.

What is your most memorable DJ experience?

Probably the first time I ever played out. It was a dubstep set and even though I've completely gone off that genre, it still gave me goosebumps when one tune sent the place into a big mosh pit.

Who is your idol?

John Frusciante. My favourite artist of all time. How he battled through a massive drug addiction to come out the other side with some of the most raw and emotional music I've ever heard, is really inspirational. His solo stuff has played a big part in my life.

Wotsits or Quavers?

Wotsits, they come in really handy. If you don't want anyone to sit next to you on public transport just whack out a bag of them and breathe heavily.

What is your weapon of mass intoxication?

Baileys and Disaronno together. Just lovely.

Smirnoff Ice or Lambrini?

Smirnoff hands down. Although that new Lambrini cider looks tasty!

Do aliens exist?

I really hope they do. The universe will be a much more exciting place.

If you could choose a celebrity spouse, who would it be?

Jessica Nigri. She does all the cosplay events for Comic-Con and things. How cool would it be to have a partner who loves dressing up as all your old video game characters.

What is your worst public transport story?

Any of the journeys where someone's playing music out loud on their phones.

Who would you prefer to give you bad news, Morgan Freeman or David Attenborough?

Morgan Freeman. I've always wanted him to read me a bedtime story.

Tell us your favourite joke!

I really wasn't sure why the doctor prescribed LSD for my constipation, until I saw a dragon and shat myself. 

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