Blue Mountain Closes


Written by Mike Cridland
21 Friday 21st March 2014

More bad news for Bristol's clubbing community, one of Bristol's few remaining clubs with a capacity of 300+ closes down. Even though it is a temporary closure (6 months), this is a huge blow to young music enthusiasts in the city.

The fine and ban is a result of a breach to their licensing agreement, and the owners have both received a heavy fine and the suspension of their license. The club was over capacity by 60 people, with more queuing outside for entry on the evening licenecing arrived for an inspection (as well as other small breaches to their licence).

The club isn't permanently closed, but is unable to sale any alcohol on the premises until a new licensee is in place. Hopefully soon!

With the recent closure of Arc Bar, do you think this is an over reaction by the City Council? Will this effect Bristol's reputation as one of the most respected cities in the country for electronic music?

We hope not, but with Empire theatre also closing just before NYE, we really do need more venues such as Blue Mountain in the city.


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