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Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea!


Written by Jack Blocker
14 Thursday 14th May 2015

Following the tumultuous period which saw her shave her head and attack a car with a brolly, Britney Spears made the wise decision to accept a residency at a casino in Las Vegas. This meant she could slam some Percodan and phone in her hits in front of drunk tourists for about a million a night. Talk about easy street! After derailing in such spectacular fashion, a stint on the strip was the sedative to take the edge off Britney's reality - as were all the sedatives.

Unlike Liberace, Celine Dion and a whole host of other happy people put out to pasture in Nevada, Britney has now decided to wriggle her way back into the limelight. Oddly, she's chosen rapper Iggy Azalea as her spirit guide. The same Iggy Azalea who offers questionable views on race and has the lyrical dexterity of George VI. Even so, Iggy is extremely popular, and while butthurt bloggers are quick to quibble with her flaws, she's still a major commercial success. If Brit wants eyes on her, she'd do well to stand next to Iggy.

They recently dropped a collab called 'Pretty Girls', and boy howdy! Are you in for a treat! While I always approve of the "some girls are so fake and we SO aren't them" pop-narrative, the delivery's as authentic as a hostage reading a prepared statement. If this was recorded in an afternoon, possibly as a bargaining tool in a personal dispute/Percodan deal gone wrong, I wouldn't be shocked. But that's just speculation.

Great product placement in this vid btw.

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