Brothers at War


Written by Kieron Monks
01 Friday 01st May 2009

Who says comedies can't deal with real issues? Blast from the Past gave us tips on how to survive nuclear war (store tins), while Pretty Woman taught us how to show prostitutes more love. Rudo and Cursi, from the Y Tu Mama Tambien hombres, focuses on the thorny issue of sibling rivalry, albeit rather sweetly.

Rudo (Diego Luna) and Cursi (Gabriel Garcia Bernal) are two brothers from a banana plantation, desperate for bright lights, fame and glory. One day their dreams come true when a silver tongued football scout with a flash motor shows up, selling the dream of playing professionally in Mexico City. The resulting adventures feature every genre cliché imaginable, from glamour girlfriends to the big match finale. Fortunately such cheese is more than compensated for by the charm and wit of its leads, whose squabbling provides endless entertainment.

Ambanis: Visibly bad vibes

Chefs are notoriously confrontational creatures who get off on treating people like pieces of meat (and vice versa). So it's no surprise that Michelin starred Marco Pierre White has about as much respect for brother Simon as he does tomato ketchup. Marco once employed Simon for a time in his restaurant, but was so abusive that Simon tried to have him arrested. When that failed he became a policeman and disowned his family.

Marco: Full of hate

Rumour has it the feud between Christopher and Peter Hitchens has been patched up, but if so it was good while it lasted. Both are respected political journalists and authors, but at opposite ends of the spectrum. While Christopher favoured Godless Marxism, Daily Mail columnist Peter ranted about the evils of divorce and abortion. Peter suggested his brother would be happy to see a Russian invasion and gave his book a bad review. Christopher responded by publicly describing Peter as an "idiot".

Christopher (left) and Peter Hitchens


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