Cage The Elephant


Written by Shorrn Tex-Mex
Photos and illustrations by Oli Longmore
17 Monday 17th December 2007

The band are over here for six months while they promote their self titled album to the UK. They’re living in Walthamstow and are currently bored as fuck. I do my best to keep them amused.

When we arrive at the gallery and the band are already bouncing around the venue. Their tour-guide and UK manager Andrew greets us at the door and introduces us to the guys.

Sniffing aerosols is neither big nor clever and gives you a really bad headache

Hey guys, so how’s things?

Titch (bass, backing vocals): Pretty good actually… enjoying the artwork. Some of the stuff in here is really cool.

Well London is a cool city, how long have you guys been in the UK for?

T: About three months. We’re heading back to the States for Christmas and then will be coming back for another three months in the New Year.

We take a few shots of the band around the gallery and check out the art. Among the artists exhibited were Eine, Solo One and Pure Evil. In the corner a lone artist known as Zeus works on a stenciled image, filling the room with noxious gasses. Beside him lies a neon sign bearing his artist name.

We stare at him as he works the plastic with a small scalpel, making incisions with the precision and concentration of a surgeon. After about twenty minutes of cutting, the stencil is placed against a massive white backdrop and the artist begins to spray, creating an indescribably abstract image. Moving the stencil slightly, and with the addition of more colours, the piece starts to take form. Slowly the smell of spray paint starts to infiltrate our lungs and we are forced to leave the gallery.

We relocate to Jaguar Shoes and chill with some drinks to talk about gigging in the UK and the various debaucheries of six American dudes in London.

Street art exhibitions are serios [sic] business

Jared (drums): Exeter was fucking crazy.

Lincoln (guitar): Crowds over here are really up for it out in the sticks, but London can be a bit NY style - ‘too cool for school’ sort of thing.

Brad (guitar): But there are loads of hipster chicks all over the place though. That’s always a good thing.

As if to clarify this statement a big group of Cheap-Mondays clad girls walk by the bar and start screaming at the band. Brad is quick to retort with more screaming, resulting in even more screaming from the screaming girls.

So things are going well as regards the hipster chicks. What about the band though? Are you getting good receptions out here? I guess it must feel a bit like starting over as a new act again.

Matt (vocals): We never wanted to get big off some kind of hype machine or be known before we ever came over here. It should all be about playing, building up a fan-base from nothing, with nothing promoting us except the songs.

Surely these guys would never break the law in any way... right?

Well this is Don’t Panic’s law issue, so how would you guys go about breaking the law if you got the chance to?

B: Well first I’d rob a bank or something with a shotgun. No actually not a shotgun. You don’t have shotguns over here right? I would rob it with a samurai sword or some shit. No actually not a bank, fuck robbing a bank. I would rob a huge corporation. No actually a government organisation and I’d basically just storm up in there and kidnap the head of the company and take him to some shack or some shit and… No actually I would bust into the main CIA shit or the White House shit and take out whoever the fuck I needed to, until I made it to the main desk and then I'd walk into the room and jump up on the table and be like “FUCK YOU”. Then I’d take the most disgusting shit on the guys fucking desk, right in front of his face. Take a shit right on the guys papers and just be like, “Fuck you dude. FUCK YOU!”.


You can check out Cage The Elephant at

You can peep' CTE's 'dirty version' of In one ear off of the new album here.

Photography by Oli Longmore

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