CameraRolled: DJ HYPE


Written by Oscar Henson
26 Wednesday 26th July 2017

Welcome to CameraRolled – Don’t Panic’s new photo feature dedicated to documenting the day-to-day life of the working artist from the intimate viewpoint of their iPhone camera roll.

Each week we ask a new musician, artist or creative to send us a week of phone snaps, aiming to capture everything from the heady highs to the mundane mids and lonely lows of the creative lifestyle.

With this in mind, we couldn't think of anyone better to kick off the series than one of the world’s busiest, most consistently in-demand selectors - DJ Hype.

You’d be hard pressed to name anybody who has contributed more to the enduring popularity of drum and bass than DJ Hype.

Starting life as a battle DJ in the late 80’s, Hype cut his teeth on iconic pirate radio stations Fantasy and Kiss FM, before rising to wider prominence as part of the booming jungle scene, during which time he pushed a brash, reggae-influenced take on the sound as part of the Ganja Kru alongside DJ Zinc and Pascal.

Later, as the loose, jazzy breaks of jungle began to give way to the straighter, pacier step of drum and bass, Hype once again pushed a hard-nosed take on the sound via his newly minted True Playaz imprint. By way of countless classic releases by Original Sin, Friction, Ed Solo, Zinc and DJ Hazard, the Playaz brand effectively laid the foundations for modern drum and bass – a sound that would intoxicate ravers and galvanize dancefloors across the globe for decades to come.

Having successfully established himself as one of the most technically gifted DJs in the game, Hype continues to gig constantly. This week, join him on tour from the comfort of your home via his exclusive photo gallery for CameraRolled.


"Always helps when you know what time you’re on stage. This one was for a great festival in the UK called Beatherder."


"I love cooking whenever I get the time, and often take my own food when touring the UK. This is just a little chicken in black bean sauce quickie - mmmmm!"


"Most mornings I’ll go for a cycle with my dog, Bully. My dog loves to run – me, not so much."


"This is a little shot of an incredible festival called Dour in Belgium where myself, Hazard and MC Eksman absolutely tore the place down. The stage and crowd were amazing."


"My best friends and early UK dance music pioneers ‘Shut Up and Dance’ are currently making a documentary about their history, of which I am a part of. They thought it would be a great idea to get my Mum’s perspective of us lot in our teens playing all this crazy music at all hours."


"For those that don't know, I have probably the longest running drum and bass show on Kiss FM, 1-2am every Tuesday night / weds morning, which has run since 1994!!! Here I am with this week’s guests: producer/DJ Tyke and MC Nutcracka."


"It was good catching up with Saul from Chase n Status, Nick aka Sub Focus and MC Rage. It's funny as I remember when they were all young up-and-coming artists trying to make it in the game, sending dubplates to me etc. It's great catching up with them when we are all still going strong."


"I DJ'd in Ibiza this week for Together at Amnesia alongside Rudemental, Chase n Status and Sub Focus – if you like lights and lasers then this is your club!"


"Seriously – if you’ve not been to Amnesia yet and you like dance music, what are you playing at?!"


"This was in the foyer of my hotel in Ibiza – it looks like an old Moog-style keyboard, but it's probably more likely an old telephone exchange thing (fuck knows what you call them). Tweet me if you know what it is @DJHYPE_PLAYAZ"


"For some reason, my cat whose name is "Cat" likes to come for walks with Bully – they get on great and the cat is def the boss of these two."


"Changing tyres is a regular thing if you do the amount of driving I do. Today it's two front tyres and I’m definitely feeling tyred after a busy week."


DJ Hype headlines Run All Day at Motion Bristol on 9th September

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