Channel U Days & Postcode Fingers


Written by Al Raz
18 Thursday 18th July 2013

Looking through old Channel U videos on YouTube and realising Grime and Garage just isn't what it used to be.

I miss the old GCSE media studies style videos with the Adicolor tracksuits and Nike Air Huarache's. Lynx Africa was the most popular scent and more shady types would floss the bucket hats with the Addidas shoulder bags. Others would wear the over-sized diamanté earrings from Claire's Accessories and the baby blue Akademiks tracksuit sipping a Rubicon mango in the background. 
Ross Kemp and friends 
Mums borrowed Staffordshire Bull Terrier who's actually named Daisy but has been roped in to posing as a rough estate dog called Trevor for the day at the front. The MC's tend to do these moves like they're on speed and others do this weird angry penguin move which consists of a lot of shuffling and shaking of the head. It's all very unglamorous and concrete but it's home and there's nothing like a bit of patriotism for your post code even if you are from Highgate and rep Camden Town or Brixton when you're really from the nice bit of Croyon. (What nice bit? I hear you say.)
I don't know if repping your ends is still a thing for youths but I remember it was oh so important to the people I surrounded myself with when I was younger. Being from W5, people in my area had made a gang sign that consisted of the thumb and the index fingers making a 'W' shape with the rest of the fingers on the left hand all being out to represent the 5. Complicated shit. You can ask any 23-28 year old London male who used to be a 'rudeboy' and I bet they can still form their fingers into a weird shape forming 'SE13' in a matter of milli-seconds with an overwhelming sense to start shouting their address. 
Of course the whole postcode thing is unnecessary and silly and has been the outcome to some horrible events, but the feeling of being proud of where you come from can never be a bad thing. (Even if it does involve making a complete ass of yourself on TV and therefore actually diminishing the name of your home town.) 
So anyway, here are some golden oldies I managed to dig out of some post-code warriors. 

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