Written by Aaron Jolly
04 Monday 04th October 2010
David Macklovitch AKA Dave 1 and Patrick Gemayel AKA P- Thugg are 2 lovely Montreal boys who make up Chromeo. They have been making funky funky electronic music for us to dance to since the early 2000s. Their new album, Business Casual was released earlier on this month. Don’t Panic had a chat with Dave 1 about French literature, Skream and Yo Gabba Gabba.
How’s it going? Are you living in New York?
Things are going great, I can’t complain. And yes I am, I’m actually folding my laundry as we speak.
Just going about the daily business.
Yeah, keeping it business casual at the same time
I see what you did there. How long was Business Casual in the making?
About a year and a half overall.
Because you released Night by Night last year didn’t you?
Yeah night by night, and we had that Skream remix which people really liked.
I like the fact that you let a lot of artists remix you songs, Skream in particular. Are you into the whole dubstep scene at all? 
Um, I like some of it. I like Skream, I like Joker. I’m no dubstep expert, it seems our music can be remixed by any genre almost.
You have remixed other bands such as Vampire Weekend, do you enjoy doing that?
Yeah we do a little bit. What we have been doing more of lately is someone will send us a song, and we will add a little Chromeo touch to it, add some synths, I’ll do some vocals. It’s a lot of fun.
So you like putting your twist on different songs?
Yeah because we are songwriters, we can take basically any beat they have and turn it into a song.
Just do your own thing over it, that’s awesome. So you’re doing a PhD in French Literature. How’s that going for you?
Well I haven’t been working on it a lot in the last couple of months because it’s been all about this record but hopefully I’ll finish it this year.
Are you doing a kind of away from home study deal?
No I’m still here, when I’m not on the road I’m working that’s all I do.
I’m sure you get asked this a lot but who’s your favourite French writer?
Proust. If there’s one I would recommend it would be him.
Oh, of course...How was growing up in Canada?
It was great, Montreal is an extremely cosmopolitan environment there are people from all over the place that reconvene over there. It’s really diverse, good schools. I wasn’t from a wealthy family but we were able to get a great education and go to great universities. We were very removed from a lot of the music we ended up being inspired by but I think that’s what made it so fascinating to us that we were so far up in Canada and we were discovering funk and hip hop and soul and we were learning all about that just by buying records. In a way that kind of fuelled our passion for it. It made us admire it so much because it was so far away.

Your influences, inspirations, what would they be?
We were influenced by a lot of 80s music. Rick James, Cameo, Hall and Oats
Stevie Wonder?
Of course you can’t have funky music without him. Daft Punk, modern electronic music as well.
So when are you next coming to England?
November we are doing full tour. We very enjoy playing in England, very much.
Sweet, where else in Europe do you like playing?
England is our favourite but Scandinavia is always cool. We just started penetrating Europe and it’s been wonderful.
I love that thing with Yo Gabba Gabba. Are you looking to do any more children’s TV?
Yeah that was great. I was thinking about it this morning. We might go on it again.
You totally should, So what has been happening recently with the band?
Promo for the record, shows, David Letterman on Monday was great. That was the biggest we have done. It’s one of my proudest achievements. The guest was Bill Clinton! Now I can tell my kids that.
Proud times, What have you been listening to lately?
I like the Scissor Sisters album.
Any new artists you’d recommend?
Holy Ghost, Aeroplane, the Susans – a Japanese band. Aerial Pink’s new album is really good. I’m into 80s music mostly, like Huey Lewis and the News.
It’s always good to listen to old music. What are your non-musical influences?
Erm. Non-musical people I like… Oscar Niemyer, Zahad Hadid, Tom Dixon loads of people.

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