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Cloudface - Secret Sister


Written by Robert Foster
14 Tuesday 14th January 2014

A have a listen to this selection taken from Cloudface's forthcoming "Wyre Drive EP" on Going Good Records.

Initially inspired by his time in the techno mecca of Berlin, Cloudface (Dave to his friends) has spent the last few years using frequent, all-hardware live sets to shape the music he makes.

It doesn't hurt that he daylights as a technician at the local repair shop, often working on the same machines he makes music with. He knows the storied Rolands, Korgs and Akais inside and out, digital and analog, MIDI, DIN Sync and CV.

This immersion has paid off: Wyre Drive collects a mighty set of standalone miniatures tailored to the recorded format. United by process, the EP displays a variety of forms and moods, from the saturated 100 BPM swing of "Babak's House" to the pastoral, Cluster-esque "Meadow Like" and the pure TB-303 workout "Raskolnikov."

Vintage tools, modern flair.

Cloudface - Secret Sister from Going Good Records on Vimeo.

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