Cubanisto House of Mask Birmingham Review


Written by Oscar Henson
05 Friday 05th June 2015

In recent years, you will undoubtedly have seen Cubanisto’s trademark rum-flavoured beer popping up in bars and clubs across the UK.

However, you probably haven’t heard of the highly-secretive, highly-immersive House of Mask events that the Cubanisto team have been hosting right under your very noses.

First launching in 2014, the House of Mask events seek to combine upfront club music with immersive theatre and local street art, aiming to translate the zesty, fun-filled vibe of the Cubanisto drinks into an immersive, multi-media club experience. 

Returning again in 2015, the new run sees the team take up residency in secret industrial spaces in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool. 

We at Don’t Panic were lucky enough to receive an invitation to the Birmingham leg, which was held last Friday at cutting-edge dance music venue the Institute – a renovated Georgian church where you’re more likely to hear upfront club bangers than prayers, hymns and sermons. 

Our cryptic summons from Cubanisto simply invited us to ‘revel in the unexpected’ – and so, as we approached Birmingham on the M5, we felt happily clueless as to what to expect upon arrival. 

The venue was signposted by Cubanisto’s trademark neon skull, which watched over us as we arrived outside the imposing building. Upon entering we were greeted by an array of costumed figures, who handed us brightly coloured masks (as well as multiple bottles of Cubanisto’s zesty rum-flavoured beer), and proceeded to lead us through a number of gaudily lit rooms towards the bassy hum of main arena.

Once we emerged, we were thrust straight into a jam-packed room full of masked revellers, all getting down to the sounds of Toolroom Records duo Prok & Fitch. 

The inside of the venue was covered with bright, custom skull decorations, all of which had been conjured on-site by a band of local street artists.

Cubanisto flowed throughout the night – the perfect accompaniment to the fruity party-jams provided by our expert house selectors. 

The only time that we broke from the dancefloor was to explore the venue’s colourful surroundings, which had been expertly crafted by the Cubanisto team into a trippy, immersive party experience.

The party perfectly communicated Cubanisto’s commitment to re-injecting an air of fun and mystery back into the UK clubbing scene. The all-immersive atmosphere provided a welcome break from the well-trodden formula of standard club nights. We, along with Cubanisto, urge party goers across the UK to take note, and to ‘discover the spirit within.’

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