Curmudgeonly Old Man Tom DeLonge Really Hates Streaming Music


Written by Jack Blocker
27 Thursday 27th November 2014

But that was Burma about 100 years ago, this is now! According to helium-voiced Blink 182 front man Tom Delonge, elephant murder is only as bad as streaming music on Spotify. Get over it Orwell! In an interview with Faster Louder, Tom said, 'I tell people condoning streaming is like condoning the Chinese that are killing elephants for their tusks and carving ivory statues.' Okey dokey.

Adulthood hasn't been kind to Tom. I'm sure he thinks embracing traditional commerce is a good way to convince people he's a serious, mature adult, not a washed up man-child who resembles Jared Leto's older, fatter brother. Sadly, it just makes him look like Jello Biafra cutting the music at the decade's best Warped Tour. But like record labels or fans, let's not dwell on his current output. As far as I'm concerned, Tom's stint in Blink-182 exempts him from criticism. So before he drifts into total obscurity like the crusty old man he is, here's a reminder of the best of his salad days with Mark, Travis and Scott (RIP career).

Touchdown Boy

I can't think of a song that better captures the American high school experience for someone who grew up elsewhere. It's sad when things live up to stereotypes, but Touchdown Boy suggests US secondary education (at least in the #90s) was as emotionally brutal as the movies made it seem. Girls ignore you, teachers chastise you and athletes rule over you. Jealousy, delinquency and a black eye are all tough crosses to bear. But worst is the begrudging respect you feel for the over-sexed jock who's beating your ass everyday and banging your crush. After all, he is the one that scores.


I think this is Blink's best song. When they were attempting to 'grow up', they should have remembered they were already capable of writing sincere tunes like Waggy. Contrived songs about divorce or whatever were not necessary (stay together for the kids = gross). The lyrics are flawless, because every syllable falls into place and there isn't a line strained. I realise Waggy recounts Mark's fraught break-up, but I'm shoeing it in for the sake of Pop-Punk.

LOL shut up Tom


Before he became a post-emo trainwreck with ideas well above his station, Tom wrote razor-sharp songs about people you hate who are cooler than you. Mutt could apply to any lulzy, attention-seeking douchebag couple from this decade or the two before. Thanks for the sociology lesson Tom! <3

Fucking up at Reading '00

It's hard to accept the Tom who now compares Spotify to ivory poaching, because he was once such a jokes, fun guy who basically wrote songs about being embarrassed at the mall/masturbating. Here he is messing up at Reading '00, in the days when the festival was more than a trawler's net of 12 year olds and Tuborg. Really enjoy the standard issue Hurley tee + Dickies + Hi-socks look too = crucial turn of the century Tom Delonge starter pack!

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