Written by James Read
09 Monday 09th April 2012

Your latest album has a kinda sartorial theme (with tracknames like 'Tailor-made', 'French Cuffs' and 'Sew, Darn, Mend'), and you've always make an effort to look sharp on stage. Why the fashion theme for Bespoke, and what's your favourite item of clothing at the moment?

In the pursuit of making that record I stumbled across a connection that isn't so startling, but I found it sensational. Dressing and producing music are much the same. Both acts produce results that aren't so quantifiable, say much about the person, and are ephemerally of their moment. So when I wear say my favourite jacket (which is on the cover of the record in fact), all tailored and fitting snug, it is both armour and sword for performance - and no amount of wild audience can detract.

Your Monome has been a signature part of your stageshow for a long time now. Has she always treated you right - anything ever gone wrong?

The Monome is a close friend in this way, but a prankster. I'll be playing some event in front of thousands and all of a sudden, crickets - sound evaporated. The software has quit and the Monome is basically laughing it up (with a silent satisfaction). But it is easily overcome, restarted, and fingers on buttons again.
But now you've got a new toy - Archimedes. Tell us all about that please.

The fever dream of a light show. Dreamt up by Emmanuel Biard, David Leonard, and myself - it is an attempt to make a compelling light show that doesn't diminish the role of the performer and will breakdown dimension. It is a wall of moving mirrors, undulating and whirling. Taking reflected light and collecting and dispersing onto me and into the audience. We've been tinkering on it for a while now, performing in America at Coachella and elsewhere, perfecting along the way, this is Archimedes 2.0

Have you experimented with any other gear or software lately?

I was recently at SXSW and there is a strong DIY music instrument contingent there. A company called Critter & Guitari make awesome noise things (and a visual synth that is amazing). Also some clever programming over at Retronyms caught my eye, any way of breaking out of the laptop is welcome (even if it is just over to an iPad).
You first experience with electronic music was in a YWCA in London - does that make it a special city to play in, and have you upgraded your accommodation?

Haha, seriously that place wasn't so nice, but the sounds I caught through pirate radio have lasted with me since. No other lodging has had that effect on me, so please no upgrades. London is a special place - the once middle of the universe, that isn't lost on me, coming from a city where old is 100 years, London offers other chance-encountering opportunities.


You're playing Glade this year - I saw you there back in 2008 at the Overkill tent. Great gig! Looking forward to going back?

Did you also have a chai tea next to the psytrance tent and watch as peoples minds fell out of their heads? It was an amazing festival unlike any other. I can't wait to return and try my hand again.
What's next for Daedelus?

Archimedes 2.0 making it's debut this tour, and will continue through Sonar and into the Americas. I've completed a new LP that with all luck and Ninja Tune love will come out at the end of the year entitled Looking Ocean - nice to say it out loud.

Daedelus is playing this Friday at Village Underground, alongside Taylor McFerrin, Kutmah and Throwing Snow. For more info, go here

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