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Dance Music Fans - We Need You!


Written by Mike Cridland
30 Thursday 30th January 2014
Join the Members only UK Dance Music Community

Passionate about Dance music? 

Then this is a super limited oppportunity for those of you that are passionate about dance music to get involved by reviewing, commenting on designs, talking about your favourite festivals, improving the usability of new apps, discussing your favourite new artists and anything else connected to the world of Dance music.

This very releaxed research project that wants your opinions and not in a 'write in the comments section and we won't reply' type of way but in a we will give you FREE SHIT in return (amazon vouchers, tickets to events, and club and music rewards). 

Here's the info we have been sent:

Participants in the community will be asked to give their feedback on a number of topics, an example being 'How do you discover music?', as well as comment on images, like new designs for our website for example, and asked to test out new products like a mobile app or a new album. There will also be general discussions like what are peoples interested, what events/festivals have they been to etc.

The community will be very relaxed and chatty. We want to know what music fans do and want, what motivates them etc. It is a great place for dance music fans to chat to each other as well have influencing what we do here. Participants feedback to a range of topics will be rewarded with monthly amazon vouchers for the top 20 members, plus tickets to our events and club and music rewards on an ad hoc basis. They will be insiders to the company, we will share with them new products to test and feedback on.
The link to the community sign up page is here:

Get involved with this guys. it's a great opportunity to be invovled with dance music. Did we mention Amazon vouchers...

Join the members only dance music community

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