Darwin Deez


Written by Caisa Ederyd
19 Monday 19th April 2010

Darwin Deez is the mysterious, cute and curly-haired indie pop guy that literally ‘popped’ out from nowhere (well, actually NYC) in the end of last year.

His debut single Constellations was received with joy and expectations on his debut album went pretty high. Soon the world would be coloured by yet another guy that makes every girl think about ‘love’ rather than ‘sex’. Hurray!
As Darwin delivers clever and cute lyrics accompanied with some nice guitar lines, in theory, this couldn’t and shouldn’t go wrong.
But despite the fact that Darwin has adapted a bit of a soft The Strokes style to it (and there’s nothing wrong with that), his voice sometimes reminds me a bit too much of Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbard – a talented but quite boring singer.
Although tunes such as Bad Day and Deep Sea Divers are pretty likeable, the album as a whole is something you would have in the background in a park rather than in your iPod on the tube, unless you’ve put some of his better tunes in a let’s-get-happy-playlist.
Actually, Darwin Deez is one of those artists that are perfect for summer mixtapes. There’s no doubt about that a few of his tracks, such as Radar Detector, will be played on repeat at festival camps and barbeques throughout the summer.
It is a cheerful and pretty good album with the only downturn that each and every track sounds a bit too much like the other – a bit like ten kinds of cheese served on the same plate.
Darwin Deez has been touring around the UK and Europe for a while and will come back to London on May 10. His debut album is available in stores today.
For more tour dates, check out darwindeez.com



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