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David Guetta Picture Disc?


Written by DPBristol
19 Friday 19th April 2013

But despite the ease of getting a decent ‘collection’ of music, the last few years have seen a resurgence what is still considered to be the musical format for the connoisseur, vinyl. No doubt that is somewhat down to Record Store Day, a galvanizing event made for the fanatics, addicts, obsessives and collectors.

The fact that record sales have had a huge spike in popularity is an interesting phenomenon. People are starting to rediscover how nice it was to go record shopping… Except, record store day is nothing like that. You need to get up at 4.30, queue outside with wankers eating kebabs on their way home from Oceana and a river of vomit flowing down the pavement. 

As a result, we have an amazing prize so you don’t need to do that, I’m sure this is what everyone one of those mid 40s vinyl junkies are really queuing up for...

Ever wanted a David Guetta picture disc?  




Send us an email describing how much you have always wanted to own this record. Best answer wins. Points for creativity and longing.

Subject: Guetta is the…

It’s exclusive, so we have one to give away.

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