Dear Rappers, WTF Man?


Written by Aisha Nozari
10 Wednesday 10th July 2013

So I'm pretty pissed off at rappers right now. I'm going to tell you why but you have to promise not to be too upset. Basically it turns out we're all being lied to. Remember that time 50 Cent said he 'blows a hundred mill' then 'makes another hundred mill'? Yeah, not true. Or when Nas claimed to be worth 200 million? Nope. I mean fucking hell Pitbull you told us you were a billionaire! How could you lie about something like that? But that's what it is - all lies. It seems the worlds rap superstars are not quite as rich as they so frequently claim.

After hearing Jay Z's latest track, 'Versus', in which he grumbles 'the truth in my verses, versus, your metaphors about what your net worth is' Business Week decided call bullshit on a few musicians. They did so by comparing recent song lyrics against various Forbes reports on their wealth. So, for example, in Lil Waynes 2011 song 'Ballin' he raps: 'last year I made a hundred million dollars flat. Run in ya house, get to poppin’ at your shower cap.' Cool man, only problem is according to Forbes you only earned $20 million in 2010? Woops.Or how about Gucci Mane, who in 'Pistol in the Party' exclaims, 'and a bitch can't call me cheapskate, I'm worth 20 mil on eBay.' Hang on, the most expensive Gucci Mane item on ebay is listed for $200? How embarrassing. Didn't you guys hear? Lying is wrong.

Here's the article.



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  • Guest: jamo23
    Thu 11 - Jul - 2013, 09:49
    a lot of music is made up of fiction not just rap