01 Friday 01st May 2009

Hi Delphic, how are preparations going for Scala going?

Hello, preparations are going well thank you. We've been tweaking our set for a while and are getting pretty happy with it. It looks like being a good night. We want to do something the Kitsuné crowd will enjoy.

The Delphic oracle was the most prestigious and authoritative in the Greek world apparently. How is the future looking for you guys?

Well we're just putting the finishing touches to the album and we think we'll be releasing our next single in August. On the live side we're looking forward to getting out and playing more - until now getting the album done has been the priority but once that's finished we can play more shows which will be fun.

You guys achieved a hell of a lot in a short space of time. You appeared on Channel M which was a good early gig coup and within a few days were the focus of a huge amount of industry hype. What's the story behind that?

This starts in the basement of Night and Day, a cafe/gig venue in Manchester. We practice in one of the two rooms located in said basement. When we were starting to play live we would occasionally open the door of our practice room once the gig upstairs had finished. People would hear the noise and come downstairs, and like that, the party started. One person who came downstairs was Dan Parrott, a producer at (the now sadly defunct) Channel M, who asked us to appear on a show. We hadn't played a gig at the time, but we thought it would be a fun way to start, and so agreed to appear. After that a DVD of the show found its way to London and onto the desks of record companies, who for the next few gigs we played would outnumber real people (of which there were few). This was a surreal time which we tried to make as short as possible.

Your single is called counterpoint. Who are your musical counterpoints? Who is whose counterpoint in the band?

I don't think Delphic have a counterpoint, that is why we do what we do. We're trying to find it, but it's eluded us so far.


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