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Ahead of what’s set to be Neon Noise Project’s awesome Halloween party, Digitalism talk to Don’t Panic. Like Dr Frankenstein the two first assembled their music production kit from a variety of misshapen computer parts. Out of the freakish experiments came a sound cutting through the divide between indie and dance. They’re celebrated remixes like ‘Fire in Cario’ flip The Cure’s tense coldness into a hyperactive bubbling pot of energy. Since releasing debut album Idealism they’ve been called upon to remix the godfathers Daft Punk’s hits. This October 30 they team up with French pals from label Kitsune. Newly signed LOGO will crack out electronic ‘knick-knack’ to warm up the highly acclaimed Funkiton 1 sound system. Don’t Panic checkout what’s giving one half – Isi – the heebie jeebies.
Trick or treat?
Why did you choose Trick?
Obviously, it’ s much more fun. Like in movies, the good guys are always the boring characters.
You’re playing Neon Noise Project for Halloween – apparently one of your biggest influences are movie soundtracks – what was the first scary movie you can remember watching?
Jaws... and actually Halloween!!
Do you prefer B-movies or serious paranormal horror?
The subtle ones are the best. We don’ t like the obvious stuff, so, more into The Shining and The Ring than any Scream or something.
Did those soundtracks catch your attention and influence you?
The Jaws one is made by John Williams who is a great soundtrack composer and we have lots of his stuff at home. And we still have Jack Nicholson’ s monologues from The Shining on a CDR. Utterly brilliant stuff.
If one of you got a zombie virus would the other one A. Try and save him and keep him as a weird pet or B. Slaughter him using DJ equipment?
Probably slaughter (B) and steal the vinyl collection, then use DJ equipment to throw a memorial party.
You remixed The Cure ‘Fire in Cairo’, were you ever into gothic-punk music?
Not really, we just like their music.
Have you got any new projects coming up?
Our new EP Blitz is out in November with two new songs and remixes by Harvard Bass and Villa on Kitsuné. That’ll be a first hint towards 2011.
What is Halloween like in Germany?
It’ s imported and only started to grow a few years ago. There’ s another thing in fall called ‘Walpurgisnacht’ which is about some witches on broomsticks flying around a certain mountain in middle Germany, but no-one really celebrated that.
Digitalism play Neon Noise Project's special Halloween party with Late of the Pier and LOGO on Saturday October 30 at Hearn Street Car Park. Tickets are available on the door.

 Listen to Digitalism's new single 'Blitz':

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