Dirty Projectors Competition


Written by Caroline Doyle
21 Monday 21st June 2010

Five albums later and Dave Longstreath’s Dirty Projects remain the fearsomely cool collective that years ago began to produce a unique brand of experimental rock, widely influenced and undoubtedly wildly influencing. The elegantly edgy sounds that now seem to emanate freely from Brooklyn’s streets are indebted to The Dirty Projectors, even if not as a musical reference but simply as pioneers of a spirit of experimentation and musical freedom. 

At The Barbican show on Friday, the band will play a selection of songs from 2009's celebrated Bitte Orca. They'll also perform their less well known but frighteningly ambitious concept-animated-opera about the life of Don Henley, The Getty Address in its entirety, backed by 20-piece contemporary ensemble Alarm Will Sound.
The Barbican concert will be a spectacle and unmissible to fans of the band – a rare chance to hear one of their less played works in an orchestral environment at a show whose equivalents in New York and LA were completely sold out.
For your chance to be there email your answers to the following question to caroline@dontpaniconline.com
On the song Knotty Pine for the charity album Dark Was the Night, Dirty Projectors are joined by which of the following influential front men?
a)      Thom York
b)      David Byrne
c)      Morrisey

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